How to set a page break with 'can grow' field.

   Need to set a page break on a VS 2010 Crystal Report. One of the fields can grow and the record ends up split between 2 pages. I want the page to break if the record is going to exceed the current page. Can someone help me out with this?
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Use the KEEP TOGETHER option on the field or the section.

For a field
Right click the field
Click the COMMON tab
Check the KEEP TOGETHER option

For a section
Right click the section in the left margin
Click the KEEP TOGETHER option
     may be on the PAGING tab

coperations07Author Commented:
I have the detail section and field object's Keep Together options checked. The records are still bleeding over the the next page. I do have the can grow field below the other fields, but in the same detail section. Not sure if that matters, but thought I'd throw it out there.
So long as it is at the bottom of the section with nothing below it, that should work.  Is it too long for 1 page?

Can you upload the rpt file?

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coperations07Author Commented:
The field isn't that long. Maybe 5-6 lines, but usually not.
Try this idea.

Create 2 formulas

Details Fixed
chr(13) + {Details}

Open in new window

Comments Fixed
chr(13) + {comments}

Open in new window

Put them on the report.  Align the tops to the top row of the details.
Set them to grow
Delete the comments and details from the report.

See the attached report

You could try this.  It seems to work on the report that you posted, although I'm honestly not sure why.  :-)  It was just something that I thought I'd try.

 Insert another detail section and move the details and comments fields into the new section, and resize the first detail section as appropriate.  Go into the Section Expert and you should see "Details", with "Details a" and "Details b" below that.  Select "Details" (not the sub-sections) and check the "Keep together" option, to keep the 2 detail sub-sections together.  It seems to work, although I'm not sure why that works, but using "Keep together" for a single detail section does not.


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coperations07Author Commented:
Thanks for the help guys! James got me going with his idea. The chr() formulas still didn't cause the page break.
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

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