Wirless connection not working well when in small quarters with other wirelss users


We are using ruckus wireless at our facility and we have 4 access points.  One specific access point (#2) is at a location where it is closest to a confined room where a user sits in a corner behind a wall.  The user's wireless signal seems to go in and out when that device is at that location and when other wireless devices are in that same room at the same time.

When that device is picked up and moved to another location the wireless signal is a lot stronger.  Equally important when that device is in that small room (in the corner) and there are no other devices in that room the signal is very good and reliable.

This problem just recently started happening and I am not sure how to fix the wireless interruption.  For now I have provided that device a USB Ethernet adapter and that hard line works consistently for that device, in that same location.

Any suggestions on how to help that device (Surface Pro. Windows 8.0).  Besides to ask the other users to access their wireless connection elsewhere :-)
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I am planning on performing an update to the ruckus controller next week.  It has been about 1 year since the last update.

No other wireless devices that are in that location have this connectivity problem; but, no other users have 2 assistants with them that also have wireless connections at the same time.  The other users that work in that room only have 1 assistant that has a wireless connection.

Again when that same device is in that specific location while no other devices have wireless connections then that device does not have connectivity issues.

The only thing left to try is to see if my surface pro has problems in that same office while:

- Original Surface pro is connected to a wired connection.
- 2 other MAC laptops are already connected to the wireless.
- Will my wireless connection flake in and out?
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have my surface pro running on wireless in the same location as the other Surface pro that is having problems.  The problematic Surface Pro. is connected through a wired connection.

There still are 2 other MAC Laptops that are connected in that same room trough the same Wireless SSID.  My Surface pro is not having any connectivity issues thus far.  Before the problems on the problematic Surface pro were apparent right away.

I will monitor and reports back as the day progresses.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I have been told to see if any updated drivers are available for that wireless card.
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Yes, I would advise you update the drivers in that one device and update the software on the controller.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Wireless networking is directly analogous to two way radios and, with the advent of super-G in 2003 or 4, the major improvement was in the ability to screen out other signals so the wireless device could focus on its own specific signal.  What I think you have is a defective wireless part which, for whatever reason, is unable to discriminate between packets meant for it and other competing radios (devices).  If true, its a low level hardware problem that no driver update is going to fix; its buried in the silicon of that devices wireless part.
Because of that belief, I would create image backups of two identical Surface Pros, restore those images to the other unit, and then substitute their locations to test.

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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
One must attempt each possible fix, one at a time.  I will keep this post updated with the progress.

Today teh same problem happened in another room, to the problematic Surface pro.  I ended up disconnectng from teh wireless SSID and then disabling the wireless card and then re-enabling it.

I then shut down the Surface Pro. and then powered it back on.  I then re-joined the SSID and since then I have not seen the same problems, so far today.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The driver already has the most recent updated.  I went into Device manager and tried to update the driver but an Internet search stated that it .

MARVEL AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller
- Right -click -> update Driver Software
- Search automatically for driver software

Driver Semiconductor. Inc.
Driver Date: 6/4//215
Driver Version: 15.68.3091.193

This is the same driver information as my Surface pro. that is not having any problems.  This is a pretty intermittent problem.  It does not happen every time.  The web site: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/networking-and-connectivity/install-wireless-drivers?os=windows-8.1-update-1

When I try update it anyway then The surface pro. it will not let me.  I get an error stating that "The best driver software for your device is already installed."  Windows has determined the driver software fro your device is up to date.  

I think if the device continues to have problems then the user should bring the device in for service.  What do you guys think?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Read my prior post; I think its a hardware problem.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, this wireless problem seems to keep coming up and now in different locations.  Also other problems have come up such as, the Surface Pro will not power on unless one holds the power key and the 'Up-Volume' button at the same time.  That is called a 'hard start'.

To temporarily fix the wireless problem, I:

1.  Disconnect from the SSID,
2.  Disable the wireless card and then re-enable it.  
3.  Then shut-down the Surface pro and power it back on.
4.  I re-connect to the SSID.

Then we are good to go again; but, I should not have to do this every couple of days.  I suggested that the user bring his Surface pro in for a diagnosotic test.  Perhaps replace the wireless card or the system board (if it is embedded in the system board).  But a hardware test is a good first step.

Thank you,
Wireless cards are generally not embedded because they are so small, but given your other issues, I would definitely say there is a hardware issue as Davis cited. If under warranty get it serviced. Otherwise, might be more worthwhile to replace it.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The wireless is surface mounted on the main logic PCA and the bugger is a beast to take apart!  If it was working, I smell a little moisture....
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