Tomcat Ports in Xampp

Hello there,
     I installed Xamp using the file Xampp-win-32-, which installed the Xampp Control Panel v3.2.1 I was able to successfully reconfigure the port For Apache from 80 to 8080. And it fires up just fine.
  However, I have port conflict with Tomcat and have no clue what to change the port, I know I change it in the server.xml but what should the following ports be for Tomcat ? And what do I change in the server.xml?
Main port
AJP port
HTTP port
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Are you going to be doing JAVA programming?  That's what Tomcat is for.
OverthereAuthor Commented:
I will at times. But mostly PHP.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
What port are you wanting to run Tomcat on?  Have you worked with Tomcat before?
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OverthereAuthor Commented:
Well, IIS Express is on 80, Apache is on 8080. I don't know what port to put Tomcat on , that's why I was asking. I had this setup before but I do did not record the configuration settings before having to do a reinstall....
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This page shows the XAMPP 3.21 control panel along with info about setting up Tomcat.  

I have this on one of my computers.  However when I click on Start for Tomcat on my computer, it says that I need JAVA JDK or JRE installed which I don't have.  In 'servers.xml' on my computer, it shows port 8009 as the default for Tomcat.

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xAmpp - Apache mentioned you need only AJP port on localhost and direct apache reverse proxy to it.
there is no "main port" on tomcat. you need http port if tomcat is to receive http requests
and you need shutdown port only if you shut down tomcat with builtin scripts (i.e. if you manage to use tanuki wrapper or jsvc you dont need that either)
OverthereAuthor Commented:
well, in the control panel, you can click on a button to display/configure ports for each service and for Tomcat, it does show "main port".
So what is being said is that Tomcat needs a http port - I get that, but again, what should the port number be? That is why I have asked this question... what should the port number be?
By default http port is 8080 and AJP port 8009 and shutdown port (maybe this is called "Main") 8005
None of them is needed to deploy web application, at least it is how I do to see if application is defective.
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