Can't read CD disk

I have interesting question for reading CD disk. I put a same CD disk into 2 different PC (same PC setting). One PC can read CD disk but other doesn't read it. Please help me to solve it. Thank
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Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
seems your CD-ROM Drive is on Malfunctioning.
try with interchange/change/replace CD-ROM Drive.
its a common issue.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That means the mechanical alignment is not the same on both of them so one of them is not looking for the tracks in the exact same place as the other is writing them.  I have had that problem with several of my computers.  I don't know of any 'user' method to do the alignment.
jimlo1Author Commented:
I tried to change CD drive of them. It is same issue
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Does the 'bad' CD drive read any other CD's?
jimlo1Author Commented:
Yes, it does.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Then it's a mechanical alignment problem although the problem might be with the CD drive that originally recorded the CD.
Make sure the media is CD-R (some players will not read CD+R or CD-RW
If not the case then the CD is not 100%, if it plays on one player but not the other player that can play other CDs
Copy and burn a new CD the PC that can read it, or was that the PC that you made this CD on?
what type of cd is this ?  music, video, or data cd?
was it burned on this PC - or not?
or is it a printed (commercial )cd ?
Is this a VCD?
Any errors or messages?
Which windows do you have and what settings do you have in the auto play
control panel Auto play for CD-VCD
If you have a VCD video cd and no designated player and no autoplay setup to deal with this type of disc maybe nothing happens when you insert it, are then you trying to manually play the dat file?
Set the auto play to ask you what you want to do that way you choose.
Do you have VLC installed?
With VLC you drag the entire folder on and play it.
jimlo1Author Commented:
Bad CD Disk is photo file VCD. My PC configuration must be disabled auto-play setting.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Auto-play is disabled on most computers to prevent viruses and malware from loading.  Still, if the CD is 'good' you should be able to get get a list of files with Windows Explorer.
so when you say one pc can read it, and the other not, you meant it does start the autoplay or not ?
here the options, as seen from MS :
Bad CD Disk is photo file VCD.
ah the old VCD problem
The VCD is just a video CD and the main video is actually the .dat
Look in the folder>MPEGAV <<  AVSEQnn.DAT which is>MPEG files,  the main movie, trailers, extras, menus... when manually adding these VCD to a media player.
The folders on the disc see image
If you make VLC the default player for VCD or include the .dat files files association then when you insert it VLC should open it or run VLC and then open file>open Disc.
Or Open Computer then open the DVD drive rom drive and drag the entire folder onto VLC.
VLC open discSame applies if you make Windows Media Player default player and include file associations.
Go to start orb all programs default program>associate a file type or protocol with a specific program.
change default programEither your DVD rom is getting old, or you don't have a suitable media player
What does your friends use to play these on their systems?
If it's VLC get it here

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