Managing and duplicating local accounts on windows 8.1 Surface Pro

The gist: I'd love to know if there is a way to setup a local user profile and then use it as a template to spawn dozens of other user accounts.

The long version:  We have a Surface Pro 3 running windows 8.1 and my boss wants me to make it so that every user can use the device when needed with a few odd exceptions:
1) User profiles need to be "cleaned" after the user is done using the machine
2) I'm not allowed to join the machine to our domain to use their normal accounts

We only have 20 users, so manual steps are acceptable to a point.
For item number 1, I'm thinking of simply renaming ntuser.dat to after the profiles are configured, but if there is a better way to handle this I'd love to hear it.
For item number 2,  manually creating 20 accounts by hand is feasible, but the thought of doing the first login with the accounts to allow Win 8.1 to install apps/setup profiles and then tweaking each profile to get rid of the clutter makes my face hurt. Is there any way to setup one account and use it like a template to spawn the others?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
> User profiles need to be "cleaned" after the user is done using the machine
Are you looking for something like Reboot Restore Rx (FREE)?

Their paid version lets you "clean" the user profile on logoff w/o rebooting. Drive Vaccine
sloutzAuthor Commented:
Thanks NVIT, that looks interesting. I'll check out the free version once I've gotten all the user profiles appropriately created. Any ideas on how to ease the process of creating multiple local profiles that are essentially identical in setup?
Jackie ManCommented:
Ask your boss the exact meaning of  "every user can use the device when needed".

Does it mean that every user can use it but not to install any apps and store their own files on a temporary basis?
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sloutzAuthor Commented:
Jackie, that's precisely what he means. The device is mainly used in meetings, but is occasionally loaned to people on leave or business trips. Basically, he is completely against shared accounts, and he doesn't want anyone's temp files (web history, emails, presentations, etc) staying on the device after someone is done using it, but he wants anyone to be able to use it at the drop of a hat even if I'm not here to set it up for them. I don't agree with his line of thought, but he wont bend on this.
Jackie ManCommented:

In such case, you may need Deep Freeze for Win 8.1. It is not free but is much reliable than other new comers tools.

Deep Freeze has been developed since Microsoft drops the development of ReadyState and the link above describes softwares which performs the role of ReadyState.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Never had issues with RebootRestore.

ReadyState should be SteadyState
Jackie ManCommented:

Thanks for the heads up.
sloutzAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Glad to know I have a few options for locking down user profiles once they are ready. Any ideas on how to ease the process of creating multiple local profiles that are essentially identical in setup?
sloutzAuthor Commented:
After waiting a week in silence for ideas for the easing of profile replication, I decided go the manual route and  just burned a couple of hours configuring things by hand.  I went the free route with Reboot Restore Rx for the lock down.

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sloutzAuthor Commented:
The primary  part of my question went unanswered
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