Windows 7 Professional (x64) will not boot successfully

It would appear (although unable to confirm for sure) that following a windows update, Windows 7 Pro (running on Sony Vaio laptop) is unable to boot successfully. The boot process starts normally, I see the words 'windows 7 Professional' on a blue background (This is not a BSOD) but that's it. The screen flickers (like a refresh) but that's it. CTRL-Alt Del does not work at this point.
I have tried the following:
1) Full AV scan from a boot disk - no viruses found
2) Using a recovery boot disk to start 'System Restore'. System restore fails - I've tried 3 different restore points
3) SFC /scannow - No issues found
4) CHKDSK /F - No issues found
5) Unable to boot into Safe mode - Same symptoms - blue background with screen flicker
6) Start-up repair - Ran 3 times - problem still exists
7) Memory test - No issues found
8) Sony Hard Drive diagnostics - No issues found
9) Last known good config does not correct the issue
10) Booted into reduced resolution - Same symptoms - blue background with screen flicker
11) No BSOD witnessed

Other than a complete format/restore, what other options are available to identify and correct the cause?
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I guess you know of tests / fixes available on UBCD (worth a try)

Looks like a corrupted OS
Recover from the recovery discs or Fresh install
me whoitCommented:
It is known issue that related to Microsoft's update  KB3097877.

try removing this update...if fixed the issue for us
LMG09Author Commented:
Thanks for your prompt responses.
Regarding KB3097877 - Please could you suggest a way of removing the update if I'm not able to use safe mode etc?.
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me whoitCommented:
you can try rdp'ing into the computer and then removing the update if you don't have wsus set up
me whoitCommented:
also try getting to safe mode with command prompt and run
wusa /uninstall /kb:3097877
LMG09Author Commented:
Thanks for your prompt response.
Unable to RDP or boot into safe mode with command prompt. I can ping the ip address of the problematic laptop from another machine. Tried to connect using psexec but unable to. Any ideas.
LMG09Author Commented:
managed to boot from Windows DaRT to a command prompt. Ran 'wusa /uninstall /kb:3097877' but system returned 'Installer encountered an error : 0x8000ffff - catastrophic failure'
me whoitCommented:
if you are booting into dart, use the hotfix uninstall tool
LMG09Author Commented:
Hi - KB3097877 is not listed in the hotfix uninstall tool. Does this mean that it's not installed?
me whoitCommented:
or try this from recovery command prompt
From the System Recovery Command Prompt run the following command:

·        dism /online /get-packages

This will produce a list of installed updates and packages. They will look like this:

           Package Identity: Package_for_KB978262~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~

           State: Installed

           Release Type: Security Update

           Install Time: 2/11/2010 1:01 PM

Find the most recent one and then make a note of the package identity.

Then run the following command:

·        dism /online /remove-package /PackageName:Package_for_KB978262~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~

           Note: Name of update is from previous step which may vary.

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LMG09Author Commented:
Fantastic support - thank you for all of your help.

Problem resolved by removing KB3097877. The only tweak made to your suggestion was as follows:

dism /image:d: /get-packages

dism /image:d: /remove-package /PackageName: package name goes here

This is because the '/online' option doesn't seem to work when running off Windows PE
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