How to export header w/Parameters to CSV from MS SQL Server Report Builder 3.0

I have been searching the internet to no avail. We are using MS SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 and it used to put the headers in when we exported to csv (See Attachment). We recently had a consultant updating some of our reports and he might have turned it off. The header is in a text box called ReportTitle and contains an Expression that includes the report title and the parameters used. Exporting to Excel works great but how can I get these back in csv?

I have tried to change the ReportTitle properties Data:DataElementOutput to Output
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Russell FoxDatabase DeveloperCommented:
First I'd try changing the output from CSV to Excel, if you can. Chances are it doesn't know how to split up the fields in the textbox into comma-separated values that conform to the rest of the tablix (table) control below it. If you use Excel it will just guess and make it fit, though often with weird merged cells and superfluous columns. Try it and see what you get.

A more thorough approach would be to remove the textbox and put the header information into rows in the tablix control. That way everything belongs in a field that the output function can understand, even if it's a bunch of empty fields. For example, this would be the CSV output of the first five "columns":
"Report Title", "", "", "WIP by sales...", ""
"Execution Time", "", "", "10/1/2015", ""
"", "", "", "", ""
"C72859", "C", "DFECTO", "100.01", "50.33"

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I recommend using a "blank" line above the actual report data so that in Excel you can easily sort just the data area without having to deselect the header text.

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quenclabAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much. Excel exports the headers fine but not csv. The solution did not have the expected results but lead me in the right direction. When I added it to the tablix you have to change the column widths which also changes it for your data. But when you export to csv it adds a new columns on the left side with the report title etc
"Report Title", "ORDER_ID", "STATUS", "CUST_ID", "ORDER_AMT", "COST_AMT"
"WIP by sales...", "C72859", "C", "DFECTO", "100.01", "50.33"
"WIP by sales...", "C72860", "C", "DFECTO", "101.01", "51.33"

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Solution: I added a second tablix above my data with one and added the expression. it exports perfectly.

"WIP by Sales Orders Site:  AR (D&F EQUIPMENT SALES, INC - ARKANSAS) Period: 11/13/2015 Product Code(s):  SHOP"

"C77159", "C", "DFECRO", "100.01","50.33"

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quenclabAuthor Commented:
Adding the expression for the report title and parameters in a second tablix solved the issue.
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