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I am attempting to run a jmeter script that I inherited and I do not seem to understand the issue that it is complaining about. This is the error I see in the log:

15/11/12 10:23:12 ERROR - jmeter.util.BeanShellInterpreter: Error invoking bsh method: eval      Sourced file: inline evaluation of: ``import; //Get Var CHANNEL_ID = vars.get("C . . . '' : Object constructor

And this is the code that I see it is complaining about:

//Get Var
CHANNEL_ID = vars.get("CHANNEL_ID");
CS_ID = vars.get("chsdetId");
promasId = vars.get("promasId");
ADDRESS_ID = vars.get("ADDRESS_ID");

// Open File(s)

f = new FileOutputStream("DBValues/SFTPChannelServerIDs.csv", true);
p = new PrintStream(f);

// Write data to file
p.println( CHANNEL_ID + "," + CS_ID + "," + promasId + "," + ADDRESS_ID + "," + "SFTP");

// Close File(s)

I am not sure what the problem could be.
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The problem was this line
f = new FileOutputStream("DBValues/SFTPChannelServerIDs.csv", true);
the path did not exist. I changed the path and the error stopped

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