Domino Server

Hi Experts,
I am very new Domino Server and i have a new project.A new Network with Domino  Mail server.( on open Suse Linux)

I have many question before installation.

1.Do i need Domain controller for Domino server.?

how make a domino server in real life?

Thank you
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apollo-13Author Commented:
please any suggestions?
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
1. No.  Nothing to do with active directory unless yoiu choose to communicate with one later.
2. Have a working OS.
2a. For initial new server on new domain run setup.
2b. For new server on existing domain, run setup.

Setup will walk through initial setup but there are lots of things you choose at the point of setting up your first server which should be well planned like the certifier names you are going to use, domain name, server names etc. so if you aren't familiar with domino I suggest you get someone who is to help with the initial setup.

apollo-13Author Commented:
Thank you so much for promt answer. I have no domain controller on my test network.

I have :
1.esxi 6 server trial and 3xvm server (suse enterprise or cent os ,windows 2012 and win 7 pro)

i plan to install Lotus domino server 7.0 with domino mail server.

can you please give me suggestion ? how can i make a network with domino server which my windows 7 can login domain and use domino mail server too?

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apollo-13Author Commented:
i have own domain name registried .
ofcourse i do on domino server domain name like mydomain.local
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
I haven't got time to show more at the moment as on way out.  R7 Notes is some 3 generations old - R7, R8, R8.5, R9 at the moment so any particular reason, is it to match another as many things have changed since then.

Domino is complex, it doesn't care what you use as an internal domain - you would normally set your global domain as whatever you domain you want to point at it to/from the internet, though it doesn't need to be.

There are MANY documents from IBM and others on how to set it up but unless you have specific questions it is not a 2 minute job.

If this is just a test box to see it using trail license then give your box a fixed IP and suitable name, run through the setup for a "first" server.  Create your certifier - generally something short like /YourCo roughly equivalent to domain name.  You will need to install domino administrator client on a Windows PC which can talk to the server and access the ID files for certifier and administrator user created during setup.  Once in there you are going to have to do some reading, get someone in to help you or ask specific questions

If you want a REAL license there is a license scheme called Domino Express where you buy licenses based on the number of users which you can then run as many servers as you need to service those users -- we run a cluster of two servers and traveler to sync with mobiles etc. for instance.  That is very cheap.


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apollo-13Author Commented:
Thank you so much for information.
I will ask here when i need further information,but i want to learn domino

Best regards to you
apollo-13Author Commented:
the best!
apollo-13Author Commented:
i use DYDNS ,configuration no problem .But i am very new for domino network, i just do not know ,need AD ,FILE SERVER etc for domino network.

i just plan to make a domino network with domino mail server,dyndns domain and test all trial OS.
apollo-13Author Commented:
now i understand better after your info ,domino server own Active drirectory and own mail server if i install domino 7 packet.
apollo-13Author Commented:
i open new question "how to install domino server on suse " ;)
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Good luck with it.  I'm out today but will answer any q's if I see them
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