Re size partition C on server 2008 R2

I have a Dell Server with a PERC5/Integrated controller running a RAID5 using 3 SAS drives
C primary partition is low on space the second partition D logical drive has plenty of space
D contains data and some programs in D:\Program Files and D:\Program Files(86)

I do not want to delete D drive, I would like to shrink D and use it on C
I've done this in the pass but it's been awhile.
Question what is a good tool to help me do this without to much trouble?

jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAsked:
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Paragon Software is decent... Partition Manager 14 Free...

If using GPT, however, you will need the PRO version...

I think you will find that you can adjust the partition sizes natively in 2008 R2.

Here's how to do it.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As you've installed programs onto D: drive this makes the task a little bit complicated.
You need to perform this task in a non-Windows interface. Means you need to boot the server from a boot CD and do necessary resize tasks there.
For this you can use either PartedMagic which is free but based on Linux and could have problems in detecting the RAID properly.
Or you can use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Business. Because the mentioned above free or Pro versions will not work on Server OS. With it you can create a WinPE based Boot Media which allows adding drivers on the fly.

And you should take backup before you do any step on resize.
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How large is C:?

I ask because it is almost never necessary to resize if you have setup the server properly and manage it properly.

Enable the "Desktop Experience" Feature, this adds the disk cleanup wizard. Then add the m$ KB below, which adds Windows updates to the cleanup wizard:

After that run the wizard and use it to cleanup the system. Once that is done, also delete the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads

These 2 measures alone should free up several gigabytes of space on C:.

Then make sure you have set your dump file size to small memory dump, and delete any old dmp files. Make sure the pagefile on C: is set to 256MB and the main pagefile is elsewhere. uninstall any programs you have on C: and reinstall them to D:.

Run the cleanup wizard regularly.

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jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
Prior to posting the question I ran the disk cleanup and also looked for .dmp files to delete. I did not remove any items from C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads
good tip, Question when you run Disk Cleanup included selections Windows Updates and also service packs. As for memory here is what I have
Automatically manage paging file size for all drives (Is disabled)
C = No paging file
D = System managed size
in Total paging file size for all drives:
Minimum allowed 16mb
Recommended 24567mb
Currently allocated 16378mb

Does this look ok? any suggestions?
I'd include a small 256MB pagefile on C for the case you get a BSOD. That will allow dmp files to get created so it is easier to find out the reason for the BSOD. Otherwise it's OK.
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
can someone recommend where to purchase Partition Magic Server?
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As said, you have to perform this operation from a boot cd. Get a copy of Hard Disk Manager, it can even take backup image and it comes from a company which has a proved history of disk management tools production.
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
Rindi suggestion worked for me but I'm also going to try Parted Magic since it sounds very interesting

jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
I found that if I log onto the server as domain\administrator and do a disk clean up I can include service pack updates to be cleaned off as well, this left me with 10% free space and was able to run with 10% free for a little while. Now I'm ready to try Paragon Hard Drive Manager 5
this is what I did,
-run Paragon Recovery Media Builder- I get a "Welcome to the Recovery Media Builder Wizard
-I used "Use ADK/WAIK
-Recovery Media Platform gives me two options
-Microsoft Windows PE
-Linux EFI or BIOS
I used Linux BIOS and created the bootable on a USB
I then tried this bootable on a diff. server one that no one is using
this server has two hard drives non RAID, I booted this serve and tried to use the "Express Resize Wizard" but I get the following:
"The Program can not find any suitable partitions on your hand disks. Wizard requires at least two adjacent partitions of the same type (two primary or two logical), located at the same basic hard drive.
On the server that I want to resize the C drive in, it's a RAID5 with 3 SAS drives
it has two partitions
? Am I selecting the right Recovery Media Platform for this server ?

The linux version probably doesn't know your RAID controller. Try creating the WinPE version, there you can also add the driver later if it also doesn't find it by default.
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rindi
When I try to use WinPE it asks "Please Specify where to find WAIK\ADK
by default it's pointing to: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK
but does not find what it needs there, it also has a download option which I just tried and it downloaded "KB3AIK_EN.iso
not sure what to do here?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
There is a link to download the WAIK or ADK on the page of the wizard, isn't there? Ok, you downloded it. Now burn that ISO to a CD or DVD and then run that CD on a machine where you installed Hard Disk Manager.
I recommend you installing HDM on another machine which has enough space and creating the ISO on it, like on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
To create the Recovery CD it shouldn't be necessarily the same machine where you are going to perform the resize operation.
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