vbscript Recordset Not Updating against a sql server connection

outlook 2010 vbscript  custom form

In the following i'm getting an error about updating the recordset.

Current recordset does not support updating. This could be a limitationof the provider. or the selected locktype

Const adUseClient = 3

Sub Item_Open()

   ' Sets the name of page on the form (P.2)
   Set FormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Survey")

       Item.GetInspector.SetCurrentFormPage "Survey"

   ' Sets Control to a list box called Comboox1.
   Set Control = FormPage.Controls("Combobox1")

   ' Assign values to the list box.
   Control.PossibleValues = "Price;Proposal;Unable to Cross Items or Match Enough Items;Operational Capabilities;Other"


 End Sub

Sub CommandButton2_Click()
  msgbox "Hello World"

Dim cnn 
   Set cnn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Dim rs1
Dim connectstring
Dim tp

Dim i  ' ID
Dim s  ' Seller Name
Dim e  ' Email Status
Dim f  ' Feedback
Dim c  ' Why Did Not Take Proposal
Dim y  ' Yes they did
Dim n  ' No They Did Not

Set objPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Survey")
Set objControla = objPage.Controls("txtProposalId") ' id
Set objControlb = objPage.Controls("txtSname")  ' specialist name
Set objControlc = objPage.Controls("txtEstatus")  ' email status
Set objControld = objPage.Controls("txtFeedback")  ' feeback memo
Set objControle = objPage.Controls("ComboBox1")  '  why did not take proposal 
Set objControlf = objPage.Controls("Optionbutton1")  '  yes take proposal
Set objControlg = objPage.Controls("OptionButton2")  '  no did not take proposal

' check to make sure they made any selection on win or lose options
If  objControlf.Value =  False and objControlg.Value =  False Then
Msgbox "Please Mark Did You Win Or Lose The Bid."
Exit Sub
end if

' OptionButton1  =  Yes they won the Proposal
If  objControlf.Value =  true then
msgbox "yes true"
y = "YES"
n = ""
end if
' OptionButton2  =  No they did NOT win  the Proposal
If  objControlg.Value =  true then
msgbox "No"
n = "NO"
y = ""
End If

' ComboBox1 Why Did they Not Get Proposal
c = objControle.Value
if n = "NO" AND  c = "Please Make A Selection" Then
Msgbox "Please Give A Reason To Not Winning The Proposal"
Exit Sub
End If

' feedback Value
f = objControld.Value
' Email Status
e = objControlc.Value
' Specialist Name
s =  objControlb.Value
' Project Id
i = objControla.Value

'i = objControle.Value

msgbox "hello '" & i & "' world"

i = "SLS-000143-PROP"

   ' Open a Connection using an ODBC DSN named "WORKFLOW".
cnn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
'cnn.CursorLocation = adOpenKeyset  
'cnn.CursorLocation = adOpenDynamic ' adUseClient

cnn.open "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATA SOURCE=xx.bbb.com;UID=xxxxuser;PWD=xxxprd;DATABASE=workflow"

' working 11-12-2015
sQuery =  "SELECT proposal_id, specialist_responsible, customer_name, date_proposal_completed, seller_racf_id, " & _ 
"seller_email, wl_emailed_on, wl_survey_completed_on, wl_status, wl_Q1_answer, " & _
"wl_Q2_answer, wl_Q3_answer, wl_Feedback, wl_ReasonLoss " & _ 
"FROM temp_proposal_survey_results " & _
"WHERE proposal_id = '" &  i & "' " 

Set rs1 = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs1.open sQuery, cnn
tp =  rs1.recordcount

with rs1
 .fields(12) = f ' feedback entry
 .fields(9) = y  ' option check Yes
 .fields(9) = n  ' option check No
 .fields(13) = c ' Dropdown value for Reason did not get proposal
 .fields(7) = now()
 .fields(8) = e
end with


'If tp = 1 Then
'MsgBox "One Record"
'End if

   ' Close the connection.
Set cnn = nothing

End Sub



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Najam UddinCommented:
rsi.Open sQuery, cnn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
najam, sorry same error.

this line also causing a problem ?
cnn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
FordraidersAuthor Commented:
si.Open sQuery, cnn, 1,2,1  works
FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Solution resolved by.

rsi.Open sQuery, cnn, 1,2,1  

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