record 300 hour of video


How do i record about 300 hours of video from my laptop and internet. Any tools with less foot print which records both audio and video so that i can store for future reference. please advise
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I've been participating in a thread recently where the asker wanted to record three continuous hours of video and audio. I recommended a reasonably priced product called Screencast-O-Matic. There is theoretically no maximum recording length but, of course, disk space is an issue. Here are my results for three hours of audio and video (1024x768) at the three quality settings, saved in an MP4 file:

Lower quality: 263,557,437 bytes
Normal quality: 382,913,432 bytes
Higher quality: 499,810,475 bytes

So 300 hours would be, presumably, 100 times those figures, or somewhere in the 25-50GB range. Btw, I assume you're not talking about 300 continuous hours, but rather a total of 300 hours in multiple recordings — right?

The entire thread is here:

I think it's a worthwhile read for you. Regards, Joe
gudii9Author Commented:
Not continuous. Lije 1 hour each
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
It will certainly work fine for one hour each...even for several hours each. You can see my results above from the 3-hour test in terms of file size. And if you'd like to see the quality of the recordings, here are the three most recent 5-minute videos that I did at EE:

Regards, Joe
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gudii9Author Commented:
i see 15$/year
i prefer one time payment of lifelong licence to be hasle free
any options like that?
gudii9 depending on your budget and which web pages you wish to record/capture 300 hours
you could connect your laptop to a TV with a DVR Digital Video recorder
How it works is that you put a  rca cables  or dvi cable audio video> from your laptop to the DVR
You'll need a capture card  or a TV tuner which have an inbuilt PVR ( personal Video recorder) to provide the cables sockets from your laptop to the DVR
USB 2.0 Video / Audio Capture & Edit Adapter 15 dollars
The TV is also connected to the set top box with HDD or DVR so you can see it on a screen.
Then you would simply record it to your DVR.

My Nvidia  video card had the option to choose full screen on secondary screen " TV" so my mouse is not showing.
I used a capture card Leadtek in my desktop from winfast. These days it's around 45 dollars
I use a Panasonic HD twin HD set top box with built in HDD of 500 gigs connected to my digital TV so I can record on the Panasonic.
So connecting my PC to the Panasonic therefor anything that shows on my desktop ( full screen)  is viewable on the TV and record on the Pansonic.
I connect my PC to the Panasonic set top box AVS 1 in. rca. these days it's half price to mine. there are other models cheaper.
The panasonic records in analog or hd making it smaller in size,

Some new thoughts for you, if you have any question I'll endeavour to answer them.
You have a Laptop, so its a bit more difficult to add  multimedia hardware other than USB.
How big is your hdd
Any chance you can download the material instead?
Maybe there is a way to capture to a USB HDD 2 terrabyte
These days most tools are a rental incuring a yearly fee.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> i prefer one time payment of lifelong licence to be hasle free
> any options like that?

Not for Screencast-O-Matic. It's either $15 for one year or $29 for three years. I did the latter, which is $9.67/year. Like you, I normally prefer a one-time payment, but I figure that $9.67/year is cheap enough, and at the end of three years, I'll look around again. Besides, lots of "one-time" payments become multiple times when the vendors come out with completely new releases that you have to buy (or at least upgrade to). Sometimes you can live with an old version of an app for a long time, but sometimes a big jump in your Windows version (XP>W7>W10) will necessitate yet another "one-time" purchase.

That said, if you really prefer a one-time payment, here are a few options:

ActivePresenter Pro
One-time payment: $299.00

AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro
One-time payment: $49.95

One-time payment: $299.00

All are excellent products. Regards, Joe

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gudii9Author Commented:
replay video tool when i record audio with video for 1hour 9 minutes it consumed 1.9gb not sure if it is too high foot print or not comared to other tool you mentioned?

Here are my results for three hours of audio and video (1024x768) at the three quality settings, saved in an MP4 file:

Lower quality: 263,557,437 bytes
Normal quality: 382,913,432 bytes
Higher quality: 499,810,475 bytes
screencasomatic occupying almost 1/10 size compared to replay which is really unbelievable.

setting i kept are as attached.
not sure how to check 1024x768) video or not? please advise
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