Using Plink with Windows Powershell - Getting redirected STDIN from file

I am trying to run plink from a powershell script.  The issue is the commands that need to be run within plink are coming from a file.  If I run from a command prompt plink with the appropriate parameters and use < name of file that contains commands, it executes perfectly.  I can't seem to get the "<" redirect to work with the plink call in a powershell script.  Any suggestions?
Lew NixAsked:
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Can you post the commands you have?
Lew NixAuthor Commented:
Here is what I am trying to get to execute from a powershell script -

plink.exe -ssh -P 4118 -batch -pw passwordformyrouter -l admin <linkup.txt

The commands that I am actually trying to run on the router/firewall through this plink session are in the linkup.txt file.  If I run this from a Windows Command Prompt, it recognizes the < redirection of StdIn to the file and accepts the commands from this text file.  I can find a way to get this entire string to be properly executed in PowerShell.  I have tried making the parameters a text variable and several other formatting options.  PowerShell just doesn't like the < (less than sign).

Does this make sense?  If there is a better way, I am open to suggestions.
Have you tried putting quotes around the argumenents?

Does it have to be a powershell file?  Can you just do it in a DOS batch file?
Try it like this (adjust the paths for the input file and the exe as required);
Get-Content "C:\Temp\linkup.txt" | & "C:\Program Files\Acme\plink.exe" -ssh -P 4118 -batch -pw passwordformyrouter -l admin

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Lew NixAuthor Commented:
This Get-Content worked perfectly.  Still might have a few kinks to work out in calling it properly in PowerShell, but it is definitely passing the commands through to the session running through plink.

Thank you!!
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