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I forgot one of my  Windows server 2008 STD administrative password and cannot able to login to the server. Does anyone have any tools to recover the password. I did tried Active @Boot disk 5.1.3 , there are No luck with that. Please do let me know if anyone have any good tools to recover the password? Thank you in advance.

Jey_PIT Security Eng Asked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try Pogostick to do this. It works for some people. It does a password reset.
Programs such as Pogostick will allow you to reset local passwords but not Active Directory passwords.

If you have lost the passwords to all administrative users in Active Directory, there's one way of which I'm aware that you can reset it.  Let me know and I'll find the link to the details.

The basic idea is that you boot a recovery disk, rename the EXE file for one of the icons on the login screen and copy cmd.exe to the original name of that file.

When you reboot to the login screen you click on that icon.  This allows you access to a command line where you can do the resetting of the password.

I've used this before on Windows servers and it works well.
This appears to be a more straighforward approach:

Keep in mind that the first part of that is just to get the local admin password.  If you know that, you can go right to the Directory Services Repair Mode part.
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This is the sort of trick I was referring to originally:

You replace the Sticky Keys program with cmd.exe so that when you invoke Sticky Keys you run CMD instead.  You have adequate credentials at the login screen to reset the password and that passes to the CMD prompt.

Don't forget to restore the original file!
Anand PandyaCommented:
If you have local account to server and you do not have password for that you can try ERD commander tool and insert as disc boot from it and you will be able to change the password for local user.
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Once the password is changed you can log on to server with local credentials.
In case if it is domain account then you need to reset the password from AD.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
I lost active directory password for windows 2008 server standard . I tried above option and couldn't work. Please keep me post if any other option.

Which  option did you try and what specifically happened?

If it was the StickyKeys one, were you able to get to a command prompt?
Utilman trick also do same thing like that if you have offline access to hard drive.

it is for windows 7.but i think you can have an idea which can get offline access to hard drive. use alternative method to access hard drive.
boot in to server 2008 install CD setup screen.
if it detects the hard drive you are done. if not install TXT setup SATA or Raid drivers
at the hard drive format setup screen press shift + F10
you will get a command prompt.
type "regedit" then click on export menu
now you can browse local hard drive.
go to winDir > system32
rename utilman.exe to utilman.bak
now get a copy of command.exe from system32 & rename as Utilman.exe
now reboot in to windows
at the login screen press start button + U
you will get a admin command prompt

net user administrator *  (will reset to blank)
net user administrator yournewpassword (will set a new password)

good luck.
Upalakshita's approach should work also.  It's the same sort of thing as the StickyKeys solution but you are invoking cmd.exe through the replacement of a different file and through a different process.

It would be useful to know what process you attempted, how far you got, and what didn't work.  Depending on those answers you may run into the same problem with the last recommendation.
Jey_PIT Security Eng Author Commented:
Hi...I was tried all above methods to break a password and still No luck. active directory installed on this server , in Windows server 2008 OS that is the cause. I created test VM for using all above tools and works Windows 2008 R2 server. But not Windows server 2008 STD. please keep me post any other solutions if anyone had experienced in similar . Thank you.
When you say "still No luck" it would be helpful if you could tell us what you actually did and what happened.  This should work for Windows Server 2008.
correct. please post the step you were unsuccess

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