Best code editor tool for PC

Hi all,

I want to ask what is the best code editor tool for web development for PC?

I have been using Dreamweaver for years and I quite like it and comfortable with it as it offers everything (ie: connecting to backend server, ftp, organising folders, etc). However, i have been told to use Notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 by my web designer teacher. He says; professional web designers and developers believes Dreamweaver is not the way to go as since its notorious for creating messy HTML and CSS code. He believes that your code should look nice and tidy and Dreamweaver doesn't make your code look beautiful.

I don't believe him in a way as I have been developing websites for years using this tool. In fact, I started off learning to build websites using this tool.

But if that is the true case then I would start using other tools as he mentioned.

I just hope that they provide the same services (ie: FTP connectivity to backend server, uploading files, managing directory, subfolders to the backend server, etc).

Please advise. I am looking for a better perhaps professional alternative code editor tool beside Dreamweaver.

Many thanks.
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:-) A very philosophic question....
I would say, use the tool you can reach the best results in an acceptable time scope....

OK, more serious...
> have been told to use Notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 by my web designer teacher
Yes, he is right in a way, as long as you are an expert on all topics and know exactly what you are doing.

Web development tools have one advantage...
You do not need to take care of all details...
They support a lot of options and graphical help and wizards and other options

The disadvantage is:...
They produce code following a kind of standard defined by the producer of the tool. Means, every producer has his own opinions, what is standard and what should be done.

The problem is, standard are relative, especially in the internet, there are different standards, different interpretations in the browsers and standards are also subject of change.
If you create a web site now, you never can be sure it runs in a newer browser.

Also such tools push you to use techniques which maybe very specific or just are functions which are interpreted in a different way dependent from the browser.

The target should be to produce a web site to fit most of the browsers, at least not to produce too much differences.

The other question is the target. If you produce web sites for the public, the question I different from company websites or special solutions like sharepoint or what to develop php solutions.

For every case, there are specialized tools, which have to focus on their technology but also support common definitions like HTML..

If you want to develop php, Zend is a good choice.
For SharePoint it is SharePoint designer
For ASP sites (Microsoft) maybe Visual Studio or MS Expression Web.
And dreamviever for adobe or flash related stuff..

They all support common HTML but additionally their own techniques.

My conclusion:
I personally hat stuff what depends on other extensions. The result is that you add 100 extensions to your browser to be able to view all the stuff around. But due to the choice of the developer, there is not way around....

If you respect some generic rules, I guess you can work with any tool , including a text editor.
The most important thing is that you understand the output and to think about the effects.

Users want to have their experience without knowledge. As more as you push you users to have extensions, plug ins, special browser or what else, as less users you will have. Most of the users are not aware about the technique, they just open a site, and if it do not work, the impression is bad.

For Dreamweaver as well as for all the other tools, you just have to make sure, you are aware what you are doing. And coming back to your teacher, notepad may be a way to get aware about it, but most of the tools have a much more comfortable code viewer which is doing a better job.

But the best tool can not help, if you don't understand what is going on.

Better than wasting your time with native text editors, send your code through one of the CSS or HTML validation tools an analyze the results. This gives you a clue, what is possibly going wrong with your code and where you can start to produce better code.

The other aspect is, if you review your code half a year later and you do not understand your own code, it is just bad.

And another topic is to reach the target in a defined time.

Put all together and find the best choice for you....
Your teacher was absolutely right to push you into the direction to produce clean and stable code.
If you can realize it with your tool of choice, do it...
Dreamweaver is a good tool, but never rely only on the tools, whatever it is.

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BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Bembi for your comments. This has encouraged me to stay with the tool which I am currently using, Dreamweaver that is. And yes you mentioned "as long as you know what you are doing" which in my opinion is indeed true. I do know what I am doing and with me using dreamweaver as my code editor for html and css and javascript I really loved it as I am comfortable with it and it gives me the ability to manage my ftp connectivities as well as publishing to my backend server right within the tool itself.

I did use sublime text and found native too me in terms of what shortcut key to use for viewing your website as well as how to connect your website to your directory root (to publish).

Thanks again for the tip.

I wait from others to contribute their thoughts.
Maidine FouadEngineerCommented:
Just adding to @Bembi ' s Exellent Comment ^^....

If you know code inside and out ,it doesn't matter what you use , Some times going elbows deep on code is beneficial , some times with the time scope your client gives  you just don't need it , that's Why WYSIWYG  style editors like Dreamwaver (Actually there isn't Anything coming close to it in the market , at least from the functionality/Ease of use ... ) are better in the end.

Now as far as Tools Go :

if you want to do some heavy code editing (whitout Wysiwyg functionality)for HTML CSS and FTP ... Better then Notepad++, Or Sublime Text editor , You can Use Bluefish.

If Ever there could be a replacement for Dreamwaver , Web Matrix Could be that , its close to Dreamwaver , but still that far away ^^.

Also There is Google web designer , i think it's still in beta ... , you might check it out as well ^^.
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bembi and Fouad for the help. Appreciated it very much.

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