HDMI cables

I have a Lennovo pc, M72e and my OS is win 10 pro.  i have 2 monitors, but I am trying to replace one of them with my 48" TV which is a Sony Model KDF-E42A10 which has a hdmi capability to connect a pc to the TV.  
The question is what type of hdmi cable should I purchase and also since the distance betwen the TV and the pc is about 12 feet.  My pc also has an ethernet port.  Can u please suggest what type of hdmi cable I should purchase a dependable cable  and also provide me a link to a vendor where I can buy one at good prices.  Thank u.
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That PC has a DisplayPort output, so you can probably get by with a long enough DisplayPort to HDMI cable such as the one Amazon shows at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004C9QST2

It looks like the 15ft one, which may be long enough for you, is under $20.

If you already have an HDMI cable of sufficient length, you may instead choose to buy a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
I would recommend a 25ft cable instead of the 15ft as I am sure you are not letting the cable dangle in midair because it is not long enough to be routed along the floor.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Your Sony Model KDF-E42A10 is pretty old indeed, more than a decade. It might be of the standard of HDMI 1.1 or 1.2.

So, it might be a waste of money if you buy a long displayport to hdmi cable with length over 16 ft.

To play safe, I suggest that your shall get a LENOVO Display Port to HDMI Adapter and a high quality HMDI male to HDMI male adapter cable. Unless you want the cable to work with other TV, you do not need a HDMI cable of HDMI 1.3 or above.

LENOVO Display Port to HDMI Adapter

Hdmi Cable 33 Feet (10meters) Blue-black with Nylon Mesh Ethernet Cable
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jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
in response to jmeg and others, thank u all for your responses.  
But what is a display port.  
My pc has 2 ports for the 2 monitors that I now have.  One i think it is a 9 pin port where the present cable is connected to 1 monitor.  the 2nd cable port, has two sets of 9 pins, and 1 pin.  So I am unclear which is the HDMI port , and also how the wires are to be connected to the TV, and which wire i should be looking at.  Thank u.
We were going off the published specs for what you said your PC was. A DisplayPort is very similar to HDMI but the connectors have slightly different shapes.

If it's not too painful, perhaps you could post a picture of your display outputs, close up and without cables? It sounds like you may be describing a DVI port.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
LENOVO M72 Rear Side
If your ports look like the one above, you have a DVI-I and VGA port.

In such case, you need the one below, plus a Hdmi Cable 33 Feet (10meters) Blue-black with Nylon Mesh Ethernet Cable.


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jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u for the solutions.  I salute the technical expertise of those who responded.  Thank u.
There also exist cables that are DVI-HDMI - but I agree that for the long run, you probably want to stick with an adapter and a HDMI-HDMI cable, since other cables with mixed connectors will be useful for fewer situations.

What you thought was a 9-pin connector is almost certainly the VGA connector, which is a 15-pin connector with three rows of pins - as opposed to the 9-pin serial port connector.
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