Advice on what to do after completion of your web projects

Hi experts.

I really need advice on what steps I need to take into considerations after I have completed the client's web projects.

I am new in the area of web development projects and this i mean by I have never really gone into the process of handling web projects to the client after I have completed it . However I have been designing web design for almost three years now.

My question here which I need help with is, what steps must I do when handing over web projects to the client? I mean, i have written and developed the website from scratch (with html and css and javascript) but is there protocols in place that I need to be aware of when I hand over the projects to my clients?

I know for a fact that I need to give the files and everything (ftp logins, html files css, javascript, etc) but I need to know what code editor should i be giving them so that they can update their html files/web pages?

I really appreciate some help on this matter so that I am properly prepared when I hand over web projects to my clients.

The website that I have designed in the past are the ones that I am still managing but now i don't know what to do when I finally give these ones.

I am currently working on a few at the moment and they should be ready in a few weeks.

WIth regards,
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- give them all the files or upload them to their ftp.

- If you used photoshop/illustrator source files. You can give all psd and ai files (but that is up to you. They should pay to get these or if it was in a contract that you will give all source files then you should give them those files)

- If you host the webproject yourself you just upload everything and give them a ftp user for their website.

- No need to give them a code editor. You can code in notepad if they want. So they already have one. Code editors is personal taste. If you want to recommend one. Choose the one you like.

- I you use third party webservices. you should provide this information to.

- Make shure everything works.

And that is it.

kind regards.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
It depends on the client and your agreement with them.  I usually only give them what they need.  But I also make my clients sign up for their own domain name and web hosting so they always have access to those things if they can figure out what to do.  Usually, they just call me.
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the input.

I hosted their domain and so I will provide the ftp login details as well.

My question then, how and what way are they going to update their web pages with (ie: images, text contents, etc)?

The client would wanna update their pages from time to time (ie: About us, services, contact us, etc) and not so much of restructuring the layout as i will provide that in future should they require?

For sure, I will train them on how to do that but how? Does this mean I need to give them a tool?

Is there a third party services which i can utilize here so it does the job for them? Or perhaps I just have to give them the code editor to do their updates and stuffs???

How does this work?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
As I said, I would not provide them anything that you did not already agree to.
BakakaAuthor Commented:
@Dave, I understand that but I am asking how possible for them to get their contents updated? Is there a way they can use to update thier contents?

I hope you understand my point
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I understand perfectly.  I maintain over 50 web sites.  Only a small number are updated by the site owners and even then I have to go fix the things they do.  The more you give them, the more likely it is that they will feel a need to do things they aren't qualified to do.  You can always give them access at a later date if they want it.  But I don't give my customers info that they don't need that they might use to screw up their own web sites.
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that and I understood you very well too. After I hand over the project, it would mean that I am out until such time where they would require my services again in future (to redevelop some functionality or add additional layout to the web site, etc.) I will charge them for that for sure.

Now, as I said, after I hand over the project, they would need to know on how to continually update one of the pages on their website called Events page. Since I am not going to give them any tools as they are not familiar to begin with - how are they going to update this "Events" page on their own without me? If there is no way then perhaps, i will just have to provide the tool to them?

This is the part that I am asking for?

I appreciate your help and thank you.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
>>Now, as I said, after I hand over the project, they would need to know on how to continually update one of the pages on their website called Events page. Since I am not going to give them any tools as they are not familiar to begin with - how are they going to update this "Events" page on their own without me? If there is no way then perhaps, i will just have to provide the tool to them?

Is the 'Events' page set up like a blog? If so, they can use any text editor to prepare what has to be added. Then they cut and paste to the new blog entry.

Otherwise, the client will most likely find it too difficult to modify a page of HTML or ASP code.
BakakaAuthor Commented:
Ok. The site is built with pure HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript. There is no CMS for this project (ie: wordpress, joomla, etc).

According to my agreement with my client, I will develop their website from scratch, host their domain and provide them an FTP login details for their website and that is it.

What I have figured on how they should update their contents is by right-click on the events.html page and open with Notepad > there they should be able to add their update (where necessary) within the Notepad and re-upload the events.html right away within their cpanel once updated.

Is there other ways you can do this as well beside right-click on an index.html file and open with Notepad or with any other code editor for that matters?

@L_Garfield you mentioned "I used third party web services", are you referring to web services that does the updates for your clients via the internet???

Otherwise, it looks like to me that they only way to update their contents is by Notepad.
Prasadh BaapaatWeb Designer & DeveloperCommented:
Well after reading all comments, I would add that editing a html page and adding new information using NOTEPAD is not easy for someone who has not done it... means the client may not understand it and to him it may look like gibberish code.

so instead you can try out some FREE WYSIWYG web editors (WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get editors)

they show the page as preview and it is much easier for a layman to understand it and edit it.

searching on Google will give you lots of free WYSIWYG editors....

you check out some on your desktop and decide which is easier for you (so you can later answer any questions and guide the client if needed)

also you will need to explain the client to use free software like FILEZILLA for uploading the changed files to server.


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BakakaAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help guys.
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