Event ID 1004 — IPMI Driver Functionality - Windows 2012 STD

Event ID 1004 — IPMI Driver Functionality

Type: Error
The IPMI device driver attempted to communicate with the IPMI BMC device during normal operation. However the communication failed due to a timeout. You can increase the timeouts associated with the IPMI device driver.

My server spec.
Dell R630 controller Perc 730P - Windows 2012 STD

- OS:: 3x 300GB 15K: Raid and 1 drive configured as a hotpsare
- Storage for VM (SQL 2014):: 7x 500GB SSD RAID 50 and 1x drive configured as a hotspare.

There is no error on System devices node and locate Microsoft Generic IPMI Compliant Device.

Please advice.

Thank you.
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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Could you run racadm getsysinfo and post the output so we can see if the iDRAC7 firmware is up to date please.
SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
I have latest firmware for all servers components. Just updated 2 month ago.

racadm getsysinfo  result below:

Please advice.


RAC Information:
RAC Date/Time           = Tue Nov 17 14:55:51 2015

Firmware Version        =
Firmware Build          = 08
Last Firmware Update    = 09/23/2015 14:15:32
Hardware Version        = 0.01
MAC Address             = 74:E6:E2:FA:25:FE

Common settings:
Register DNS RAC Name   = 0
DNS RAC Name            = idrac
Current DNS Domain      =
Domain Name from DHCP   = Disabled

IPv4 settings:
Enabled                 = 1
Current IP Address      = xxx
Current IP Gateway      = xxx
Current IP Netmask      = xxx
DHCP Enabled            = 0
Current DNS Server 1    =
Current DNS Server 2    =
DNS Servers from DHCP   = Disabled

IPv6 settings:
Enabled                 = 0
Current IP Address 1    = ::
Current IP Gateway      = ::
Autoconfig              = 1
Link Local IP Address   = ::
Current IP Address 2    = ::
Current IP Address 3    = ::
Current IP Address 4    = ::
Current IP Address 5    = ::
Current IP Address 6    = ::
Current IP Address 7    = ::
Current IP Address 8    = ::
Current IP Address 9    = ::
Current IP Address 10   = ::
Current IP Address 11   = ::
Current IP Address 12   = ::
Current IP Address 13   = ::
Current IP Address 14   = ::
Current IP Address 15   = ::
DNS Servers from DHCPv6 = Disabled
Current DNS Server 1    = ::
Current DNS Server 2    = ::

System Information:
System Model            = PowerEdge R630
System Revision         = I
System BIOS Version     = 1.3.6
Service Tag             = xxx
Express Svc Code        = xxx
Host Name               = SQLHV1
OS Name                 = Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard x64 Edition

OS Version              = 6.3
Power Status            = ON
Fresh Air Capable       = Yes

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = None
Present countdown value = 474 seconds
Initial countdown value = 480 seconds

Embedded NIC MAC Addresses:
NIC.Integrated.1-1-1    Ethernet                = B8:2A:72:D0:B9:C8
NIC.Integrated.1-2-1    Ethernet                = B8:2A:72:D0:B9:C9
NIC.Integrated.1-3-1    Ethernet                = B8:2A:72:D0:B9:CA
NIC.Integrated.1-4-1    Ethernet                = B8:2A:72:D0:B9:CB
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Maybe you just need to increase HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\HardwareManagement\IPMI\IpmbWaitTimeoutPeriod and CommandWaitTimeoutPeriod by 50% or so in the registry to increase the length of time it waits for response from the drac/BMC.
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SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\HardwareManagement\IPMI\IpmbWaitTimeoutPeriod and CommandWaitTimeoutPeriod
is not present in Windows 2012 R2 STD.

The registry location I found below:

Current config below:

IpmbWaitTimeoutPeriod - Value data is: 1e8480
CommandWaitTimeoutPeriod - Value data is: 4c4b40

Can you please let me know how I can change IpmbWaitTimeoutPeriod and CommandWaitTimeoutPeriod by 50%

Thank you
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Set IpmbWaitTimeoutPeriod to 2DC620 and CommandWaitTimeoutPeriod to 7270E0 would be 50% more, use registry editor to set those values to that.
SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
I have set to 50% and still the same same problem.

Any idea
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
It's probably a problem with the iDRAC driver, I'd check with Dell support to see if there's a new one that fixes the problem since they had the same problem with previous versions.
SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
Just spoken with Dell Support and Dell just released new Firmware Version, A00 on 9 November 2015.

Fixes & Enhancements

- In rare instances, iDRAC8 may lose connectivity with an internal memory component without generating any alert or log entry.

- This release includes fixes for security vulnerabilities that have the potential for users to be able to execute a number of iDRAC system management operations without requiring any user authentication.

- Lifecycle Controller is disabled during internal NDC communication.

- On certain 12th generation of PowerEdge servers, F1 keyboard error messages are reported.

- IPMI Serial Over LAN (SOL) issues observed on systems with iDRAC version

- Negative CPU temperature values are reported in the OpenManage Server Administrator console.

- On Dell PowerVault MD3xxx series, incorrect hard-disk predictive failures occur from iDRAC.

- While creating virtual disks using RAID 10, the virtual disks display an incorrect size.

I will schedule maintenance next week and I will let you know the status.

Thank for support
SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
No luck still the same error in event log
SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
Dell support confirmed that I dont have to worried about these errors. Could be simple bug . Waiting for new Idrac firmware.

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SQ1ResourcesAuthor Commented:
Waiting for new firmware
Any news on this thread?  I have a T620 with the same issue.
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