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I have recently taken over a team of infrastructure architects, and we don't really seem to have any sort of process in terms of managing new work. For example, starting off with requirements, analysis, calculating time, testing etc.

Does anyone have any good examples or frameworks I can use? I've looked at Enterprise Architecture but this looks more high level.
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There are numerous patterns established which can act as a starting point - some are very general such as ITIL but most are specific to a particular industry and will vary according to existing process.

Provide a little more context and you will generate more concrete responses.
Ravi GoruTechnical Consultant
whatever the pattern or process, I suggest taking up few tasks and breaking it into several steps and see that every other person in the team can follow from any segment without an issue.

Information, requirements or plan to follow shouldnt need to be discussed or queried during the execution or at a later stage, but need to be available with the task, in updations or in KB.

best of luck..
If your organisation has not had strong architecture before then a good first step is to focus on what you have - create a background project to document what is currently there and use the opportunity to observe how the team apply current processes and identify deliverables. This will help you to identify problem areas which can be addressed when you start adding in industry patterns.

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