Upgrading AD from Windows 2008 to 2008 R2


I've asked this question before but I couple of specific questions:

Environment - 2 AD servers 2008 NON R2 32bit and 1 2008 R2 64bit.  The server with all the FSMO roles is 2008 NON R2.  We want to upgrade this server along with the secondary AD server.  Both these NON R2 servers are setup as DNS.  Primary and secondary DNS accordingly on all workstations.  Primary is Virtual, the secondary is physical.  Because I am going from 32-bit to 64bit i know I can't do in place upgrade.  I can upgrade the secondary physical easy enough (demote, setup new server 2008R2, dcpromote).

My question is I am wanting to keep the same IP addresses and names for both servers.  Several devices have DNS hardcoded and we don't know at loose connection.  Is it possible to bring up both these servers with the same IP address and name?  What about the server with the FSMO roles?  What is the best practice on upgrading it to server 2008R2 and keeping the same IP address and name?  If I change IP address and server name after I promote to AD does it break anything?  

I had originally setup the third AD server 2008R2 to hold the FSMO roles temporarily while I upgraded the current AD with FSMO roles and then transfer roles back.  But now i think that is too much moving around of things.  

Any guidance is appreciated.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can reuse the IP and Names however this can only be done after the DC's have been demoted and the names and IP have been changed to the old servers. At this point you can then reuse them. I would do this procedure one at a time to ensure that you have one of the old DC's up and running if there is a dependency for the IP addresses or names for applications or anything else that might be hardcoded.


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Suryanarayan Balakrishnan IyerSenior ConsultantCommented:
I am not sure on inplace upgrade, but you can add new Windows 2008 R2 system as DC in existing environment.
Kindly take backup of your existing environment.
For this run:
 Run adprep32 /forestprep and adprep32 /domainprep from the windows 2008 R2 setup CD on your old domain controller primary having the schema and domain naming role (2008 non R2) .
This would allow you to introduce 2008 R2 DC in your domain. Transfer all the roles to the new 2008 R2 server and keep one of the NON r2 server out of the network for few days.
Demote the NON r2 server out of network and re-name the DC and assign the IP of NON r2 server to the new Windows 2008 R2 server.

I guess we can go step by step. Once you introduce 2008 R2 system and add it to domain we will proceed with next step. Lets take it phase wise.
Suryanarayan Balakrishnan IyerSenior ConsultantCommented:

Before the activity install the latest service packs on the old dc.
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Suryanarayan Balakrishnan IyerSenior ConsultantCommented:
You need to run adprep /forestprep ON the existing DC holding the Schema Operations Master role. You need to run adprep/domainprep /gpprep ON the existing DC holding the Infrastructure Master Operations Master role. You run adprep FROM the W2K8R2 installation DVD. If you're running it on a 32 bit DC then you'll need to run the 32bit version of adprep (adprep32.exe). Adprep can be run from the \sources\adprep folder on the W2K8R2 installation DVD
ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Will - Thank for the clarification on reusing IP address and Names.

Suryanarayan - I've already ran adprep/forest prep and /domainprep when creating a new W2K8 R2 server (lets call this DC3).  Lets call this DC2.  I created the 2008R2 server (DC3) to do this in phases as you are talking.   I have not done /gpprep.  Is /gpprep necessary?   We originally want to keep two servers, one virtual and one physical with the same IP address and name.  

My next step was to demote one of the NON R2 DC that is not the Operations Master  (Lets call this DC2).  I figure I can set this one easy enough (demote - remove server - bring new hard ware - setup W2K8 R2 on new box same IP address/Name as old DC2 - promote to DC/DNS)  This would leave just 1 DC NON R2 (the Operations Master). (Lets cal this DC1)

So now that DC2 and DC3 are W2K8 R2, I work with DC1.  I'm planning on moving FSMO roles from DC1 to DC3 temporary while I demote and recreate DC1 with same IP address and Name.  After DC1 is running as DC/DNS again i wanted to lastly move the FSMO roles back to DC1.  

That was my plan but after talking to you guys, I'm thinking that once I transfer FSMO roles from DC1 to DC3, I demote and delete DC1, then just rename DC3 to DC1 and give it the same IP address as DC1.  Any thoughts?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Yeah both methods will work for you. However the second one you have explained will be less work. If you already have 3 DC's and you are looking to demote one just rename the other 2008R2 DC and demote the 2008 non R2 DC.

ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Sorry about not responding to this case. I've been waiting on hardware.  I'll close and open an new one.  Thank you for support in answering initial questions.
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