Windows 7 not booting, no os found.


This one is a bit involved so bear with me please:-

I have 3 backups but all of them restore and will not boot as no os is found.8-((

All show the same problem, the system partition is marked as inactive, I cannot rebuild the bcd as the read attribute is set so the usual commands do not work other than exporting the bcd file.

How do you get around that issue.

I have tried the tiny tool partition manager but that does not set the see the system partition but only shows C as active and bootable.

The hard drive has been formatted and windows can be installed onto it.

Am I correct in saying that the system partition should have a bcd entry as it appears that is does have but I assume that is is corrupt.

The pc had been re-booted after the backups were taken but failed after a windows update.

It will boot into all safe modes quite OK.

I think that safe mode has it's own bcd entry?


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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you have known good backups, try deleting all partitions before restoring a backup.
ZuxoAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

Surely when you use the restore function then the hard drive is wiped of the previous partition?

Or am I wrong in that assumption?

Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Replace the hard drive

Sounds like a bad hard drive to me
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It could be a bad drive. A factory restore will normally delete all partitions and start again. If you created the restore media from your computer, it may not have been created properly.

There was a time when Lenovo (then IBM) required partitions to be deleted for the recovery media to work, so it is worth a try deleting partitions.
what backup is this?   is it an image of the whole disk - or only of the C: partition ?
you need at least the boot partition + C:

post a screenshot of what disk manager shows of this drive

also  -- what restore function are you talking about?
not system restore i hope, but factory restore ? in this case, some brands have several options - complete restore, or partial (only system files)
As mentioned above, what did you use for backing up? How did you restore the backup? Windows 7 has 2 builtin backup utilities, the first makes an image of your partitions, the other only backs up folders you selected for the backup into zip type files. The 2nd backup tool won't restore your OS, just your data.

Also, when restoring an image type backup, you must do that from the Install DVD of Windows 7, or some manufacturer's factory restore partition also allow you to restore your images from there.

If you have used a 3rd party tool for backuing up you must also have separate boot media for that tool, from which you boot the PC to do the restore.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Could you tell us how many partitions there are on the drive and which partition contains BootMGR file plus Boot folder?
ZuxoAuthor Commented:
Hi Folks,

2 partitions, 1 931gig for the c drive and 1 100mb for the system partition.

The backups were originally taken using True Image 2014 and I have a rescue disk for that but although it does work as far as booting from the disk, it does not work for performing the backup restoration.

I contacted True Image and they said to run the recovery from windows using the on board copy of True Image.

So I re-installed windows and downloaded and installed TI which enabled me to restore from one of the 3 backups but once restored the os was not found, except in safe mode.

As to where the bootloader resides, I'll have to reload that backup and check as I have re-installed windows to test more theories as a temporary measure.

As my previous post, does windows have separate bcd's for safe mode and normal mode?

How do you get past the problem of the bcd being read only?

No, the BCD is the same for all modes.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You can use a Rescue Kit Free tool to fix up the BCD and even update partition boot record.
See here how to use it:
ZuxoAuthor Commented:
Hi noxcho,

Thanks for that link, downloading now.

Just one question, do I need to copy it straight to a cd or run it on the pc first?

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You need to run it from PC first. It is an ISO builder. You can use default Linux based one or build a WinPE based one which is more flexible.
ZuxoAuthor Commented:
Hi Noxcho,

Great, thanks very much for the help and advice.


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zuxo - i never got an answer to my questions - for best results on EE - answer all posts
ZuxoAuthor Commented:
Good help but did not get all then answers I needed.8-((

Had to re-install windows eventually.....
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