Mobile responsiveness works on chrome but not firefox

I'm troubleshooting this page:
On Chrome, when I resize the window width, the header and menu changes accordingly.
But on Firefox (42.0), as I resize, the header and menu doesn't resize accordingly.
I don't have access to the template, so I can't edit the head tag.
I can only edit the content in the div with the "lyt-main" class.
How do I ensure that the header and menu behaves correctly in Firefox?
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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Both firefox and chrome respond in the same way for me.  you could try running firefox in safe mode to rule out that any plugins are affecting your css

killdurstAuthor Commented:
Hi Rob, thanks for your comment.
When you say "respond in the same way", do you mean the header resizes or not?
I restarted firefox in safe mode and the header still doesn't resize when I resize the window width.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Before we get too confused, would you mind posting a screengrab of what you're calling the header?
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RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
e.g. I see this on both firefox and chrome:

Goes from this
killdurstAuthor Commented:
Hi, when I resize the width of my Chrome, I get the following view...

This is the same view we will get if we access the site on our smartphone.

But when I resize my firefox, the header (logo, search box, navigation menu) doesn't resize accordingly.

Update: My friend says that the header doesn't resize on their Chrome too.
Julian HansenCommented:
Confirming Rob's post - I see the same thing on Firefox and Chrome.
killdurstAuthor Commented:
If you go to the main page at and resize your window width, the header will change accordingly.
If you were to view the /promotion page on your mobile phone, it should also show the mobile version of the header.
I think it's because the main page has that viewport meta tag?
But what if I can't edit the head tag of the promotion page?
Is there anything I can do from within the div tag with the "lyt-main" class that will change the look of the header when user resize the window width?
Julian HansenCommented:
If you go to the main page at and resize your window width, the header will change accordingly.
Not seeing it - when I change the width all that happens is that the right of the page is masked by the smaller window.
As Rob requested earlier - can you post a screen grab and show us what we should be looking for.

Also there are some script errors on that page - you might want to fix those first.
greetings  killdurst, , Looked at your problem page for promotions, and as you said, the "Header" was all screwed up in responsiveness, and did not change at all wid width, so I went to another site page (products) at -
and there the "Header' was working and responsive and seemed to be acceptable in changing for different widths. So I tried to compare the two page codes to see if I could notice the difference  in things (add on) for the header not working. The first thing that I noticed was that your NON workin promotions page has bootstrap (just the JS, not the CSS) and the products has NO Bootstrap in it, could this be the problem? As far as I know, for bootstrap to work , you need the bootstrap.css in there somewhere.

you have this on the workin products page -
<div id="header">
        <div class="lyt-header">

and you have this on the promotions Non workin page -
<div id='header'>
   <div class="top-left">

below is the Non-workin navigation -
<div class="navigation">
<ul id="oe_menu" class="main-navi oe_menu">
  <li class="products size16"><p><a href="" class="bold">Products</a></p>
<div class="prod">
    <div class="first-col">

Open in new window

below is the Workin navigation -
<div id="nav-global">
    <li class="products w-full"><a href="">Products</a>

Open in new window

you seem to have completely different setups for the Header HTML in the two pages, why is that? shouldn't your template have the same header HTML, CSS structure on all pages?
killdurstAuthor Commented:
Hmm... seems like I'll have to contact the original developer and ask them about the script errors and stuff.
Yeah, it seems that the pages use different templates with different headers.
Unfortunately I don't have access to the templates.
I can only access the content area through Joomla.
I will continue to look into this.
killdurstAuthor Commented:
Ok, from Joomla, I changed the template to be used for the /promotion page.
It seems to be fine now.
So I guess, the error is because I assigned the wrong template to the page huh. :(
you ask - "I guess, the error is because I assigned the wrong template"
That seems like what made the difference in it not working, , , , , however, There are drastic differences in the page HTML, CSS structures between the two pages I looked at, the non - working promotion page, had the bootstrap JS in it, but did not seem to use that bootstrap CLASS functioning, as if you changed the Page functioning in development to get a new or better page functioning, or view. . . . .
But what I can not understand , is that with the alternate HTML code the Header, looks exactly the same in desktop view (although it in not responsive), even with very different set up as -
<div id='header'>
   <div class="top-left">

You need to stick with the working template, unless you understand what you are doing with changes to that template, or the use of another template setup, as these changes can effect the view and functioning for more than a single thing (HTML section) in that page.

If you look at the page "Source Code" in your browser development tools, I will often show you in red or other ways, what is out of specs (NOT CORRECT) in the HTML structures , you really need to have your HTML and CSS page code to be correct, so the different browsers and variations (MOBIL) will show your page correctly.

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