Cannot Get HP SC08Ge Controller to See External SATA Drives

We have an HP SC08Ge SAS/SATA JBOD controller installed in an HP DL585 G6 server.   No matter how we configure it, we cannot get this JBOD controller to see individual attached SATA drives.  

We attempted to use an SFF-8088 cable on the SC08Ge external connector, and this cable breaks out to four separate ESATA connectors.  We plug one of these into an external SATA drive container, but the drives are never seen.

We also tried to connect the controller to an MSA2024 with straight through multiport SAS connectors, and unfortunately this also fails to see any drives in the MSA2024.

There is some basic point about this controller and how it is used and cabled that we are not getting.  Can someone please advise?

OS is Windows 2008 R2.   We use Disk Management and Rescan option to look for new drives.  Nothing appears in Disk Management.  When we reboot the system, the SC08Ge BIOS also fails to announce any attached devices.
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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Have you tried another card? Sounds like your one is faulty.
westesAuthor Commented:
We can order a new card, but what makes you believe it is faulty?  It does announce itself in the BIOS at startup and doesn't report any errors.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
It doesn't see any devices on two different cables so I suspect that some component on the SAS interface has failed.
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westesAuthor Commented:
What I would like to verify is that if I attach an SFF-8088 cable that breaks out for four separate ESATA connectors, that this will work with the SC08Ge controller.   Maybe something about this being a SAS controller is requiring different cabling?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
SFF8088 SAS to 4 x ESATA should work fine with any SAS controller.
westesAuthor Commented:
Is it possible that the problem here is that we are using an MBR BIOS rather than UEFI?   We are NOT booting from the 3TB volume.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I think we conclude in your other thread this card (alternative name SAS3801E-HP) doesn't work with SATA disks over 2.2TB.

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westesAuthor Commented:
andyalder, I think the issue is more complex than that.

The SC08GE works fine with external SATA drives under 2TB, and apparently can see the SAS LUNs created by external RAID boxes.    But we could never get it to see the individual SAS drives in an HP enclosure like the MSA2024 equipped with JBOD blades (NOT a RAID blade).   In that case the SC08GE just doesn't see the individual drives in the enclosure at all.

It's a very flawed controller, very inflexible in its assumptions, and very very poorly documented as to what those limitations actually are.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
D2600 for your next question, not worth 500 points just to list HP's 12 disk JBOD enclosure.
westesAuthor Commented:
Andy, are those D2600 JBOD enclosures?   The blades I saw in photos have multiple SAS ports on each blade and what looks like an ethernet attachment.  Ethernet usually signals a RAID box with built in intelligence.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
They just have one or two SAS interface modules on the back. Previous 3Gb SAS was called MSA60. What looks like Ethernet is the serial port used to set the shelf number on the front I believe although I've never connected that to anything. They have SAS in and SAS out for daisy-chaining.
westesAuthor Commented:
Andy, what is the principal difference between MSA60/D2600 and something like the MSA2012SA with the AJ751A blades that turn the cabinet into a straight JBOD drive enclosure?   I get the feeling with the MSA2024SA and MSA2012SA that these are equipped with JBOD blades in order to be used by either a Smart Array controller, or alternately by an MSA2024 or MSA2012 that has the RAID blades attached.

When we tried to attach the MSA2024SA with the JBOD blades to the SC08GE controller, it could not see anything in the enclosure.   When we attached to P800 Smart Array, it immediately saw all the drives and used them to build arrays.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
MSA60/D2600 are dumb shelves, MSA2024sa has one (normally two) RAID controllers in it which have SAS attachment to hosts. MSA60/D2600 isn't shared storage (although MS active/passive failover clustering can use it just as it could use SCSI attached disks), MSA2024sa is shared storage in as much as it supports LUN masking etc just like FC or iSCSI attached shared storage.

MSA2000 12 disk chassis does support JBOD interface cards as well as RAID controllers, the 24 port one does too but HP don't support that as they have the 25 SFF disk MSA70/D2700. The reason there's two near-identical shelves is that HP make the MSA60/D2600 etc, Dot Hill make the MSA2000 series and HP (and Fujutsu and a few others) badge it. I don't think HP support the Dot Hill MSA2000 stuff on Smart Array controllers since their own enclosures were designed for that.

MSA2000 firmware is pants although if you have the dumb JBOD interface card in it then it probably doesn't keep going wrong.
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