Acer laptop Win XP Wifi to Pace router needs reconnecting

My bro has a 6 year-old Acer laptop which previously worked fine with a previous
Wifi broadband router but that router broke down & was replaced with an
Asus RT-N15U:

However, this Win XP could not connect to the Asus Wifi service (via WPA-PSK as the
Win XP doesn't show it has has WPA2-PSK).

I have an old Pace broadband router : so I connect this Pace to one of the Asus'
GBit Lan port & the Win XP could connect to the Wifi/SSID of this Pace router
& was able to access internet.

However, intermittently, the connection to Internet would fail to work: bottom right
corner of the Wifi shows it's connected but the Acer Win XP can't ping to the gateway
nor browse/ping to Internet.

I hv yet to get the driver version of the Acer's Wifi NIC.  If a driver upgrade is needed,
tell me what to backup first to ensure if things go wrong after upgrade, I can get
back to where I used to be prior to the change.

What else can I do to fix this intermittent issue?  I have an old unused Netgear USB
Wifi adapter (WG111v2) : worth trying it out?

I've occasionally seen such cases of the 'connected' Wifi in Win 7 on my office's X230
laptop ceased to allow the laptop to access the Internet & just as in my brother's case,
 disconnecting & reconnecting fixes it (for a while, before it resurface again)
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
I can always connect an RJ45 patch cord from the Asus to the Acer
laptop but this is not what my brother wants as we'll need a 15m
cable from the Asus to his bedroom.

My bro stays about an hour's drive from my place so before I go
there, is there any compatibility list between the Netgear Wifi
adapter to the Pace or Asus routers that I could refer to?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Btw, the ISP tech support was not helpful at all: all he says is
Win XP is not supported anymore.  That doesnt help at all.

In some other Win XP I've seen, the Wifi connection drop ie
you'll see a cross mark over the Wifi icon at the bottom right
corner of the Desktop.  But in my bro's case, the icon shows
it's still connected, just that the Acer can't go out to Internet.
Is there some tuning that could be done on the Asus or the
Pace routers?
ISP tech support in my point of view is absolutely correct. XP hasn't been supported by m$ for over an year now, and no one should use such an obsolete OS to connect to the internet, as it is wide open to attack if it is connected. So actually it is a very good thing it no longer works with your new router.

Either run the PC without any internet connection, then it may still be usable and relatively safe, or upgrade it to another OS that is still current.

Many Linux distributions will run more than well on old hardware, and are much more capable than XP, or if it is capable enough you can maybe also run Windows 7 on it, although that OS won't be free...
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
with this patch WinXP supports WPA-PSK

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
My bro doesn't want to use Win 7 nor Linux as he doesn't want his apps to be affected.
Old habit dies hard.

Thanks for the patch David, is there one for WPA2-PSK  (ie with a "2" there)?

As my bro says when there's activity, the Wifi link won't go into this "no traffic" state
(icon still showing it's connected) but "ping -t" won't help.  Would doing
a continuous "wget" to download a webpage (using a script) simulate this activity
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it is wpa2
Then tell him not to connect the PC to any LAN or the Internet. XP just isn't secure enough, and if he doesn't want to use a better OS he should be satisfied with no connectivity.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Your WG111v2 shall work but it is only 802.11G standard (54Mbps).

My wild guess is the notebook shall support 802.11 Draft N standard, but it is incompatible to the ASUS new router.

Anyway, you can just buy a 802.11N USB adapter and it will work in most cases, but if you want to be 100% sure, get a ASUS USB wirlesss adapter like the one below.
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