Moving files to new user profile in Mac OSX

Hi Guys,
I have a Mac that was assigned to a user that no longer works with us.
A new user has been assigned this Mac and it is going to do the exact same job as the previous user.

Normally I would just create the new user profile and copy whatever information from the old profile to the new one, but in this case we are talking about 150GB worth of information, and to make matters worst there are only 15GB of free space in the computer.

If this was Windows I would simply move all these files to the new profile.

So the question is:
How can I MOVE files between user profiles in Mac OS X.
The Mac OS X is "EL CAPITAN" if that makes any difference.

Thanking you in advance.

Now the question is:
How can I move
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You could just keep the existing user profile after cleaning it out as follows:

Delete the corresponding keychain using the keychain Access app (found in /Applications/Utilities). Use the freeware ONYX ( to delete all caches and cookies. Delete the contents of the desktop folder and the documents folder.

Follow the instructions here to rename the user profile and home folder:

Then change the user admin password.
cargexAuthor Commented:
Mr. Strung,
Thanks for your comment but there is a risk that at the end there could be issues with the profile.

Is it impossible to move a file in Mac OSX ???
Log in as the old user. Create a temporary file at the root of the hard drive. Move everything you need into the temporary file.

Log out and log back in as the new user. Move everything from the temporary file into wherever you want it in the new user profile.
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cargexAuthor Commented:
And how do you move files?
I tried drag and drop and it tried to copy.
Drag and drop should move files unless you are trying to move them to an different volume.
Drag and drop from within the same account that you're copying to or copying from can cause data corruption if files are open and in use.  You should generally use a 3rd admin account for this type of move.

Create the new user account.
Log in as a different admin account or create a temporary admin account and Log in.
You should have 3 accounts.  The old account, the new account and a 3rd admin account to move the files.

Open and run the following command.
  Move the profile from the old account to the new one.
    sudo mv  ~old_account/Library ~new_account/
  If you want all the content, including Documents and Downloads, etc....
    sudo mv  ~old_account/* ~new_account/
  If you want all the trash folders too.  (These are hidden from view)
    sudo mv  ~old_account/{*,.??*} ~new_account/

Once you're done, you need to recursively change the ownership of all the files and folders inside the new_account folder.
   sudo chown -R new_account ~new_account

Have the new user log in.

You can then delete the old account once you're satisfied that the move was done correctly.  This should be fully reversible if you change your mind.

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Tim LapinComputer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
Another option  would be to use the "Shared" folder found inside the "Users" folder.  The idea is to move the files to an area that is accessible to both users.  Then the new user can drag the stuff from the Shared folder to his/her account.

As with the previous suggestions, you can then delete the old account when satisfied with the data move.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
Laptop?  15Gb free space is getting near the recommended free space needed by the OS.
10 to 15 per cent free space on a boot drive is common wisdom.
Performance suffers when the OX runs out of drive space.
cargexAuthor Commented:
Mr. Serialband,
Some time I forget what the "X"  in Mac OSX stands for.
Thank you very much!
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