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I have finally managed to get my ATC setup (thank you Strung).

I've been searching around on YouTube for the following but a lot of the videos seem to be 5+ years old.

Can anyone help / advise on the following please:

01 - how do you set up remote file sharing (log in remotely and access files that you have saved to a storage folder on the ATC)

02 - backing up / syncing your ATC to online storage (backing up your files to ATC is one thing, but it is still very easy to lose that backup... so what is the best way to backup your ATC to an online service, such as Dropbox etc)

03 - any other tips or tricks :-)

Thanks in advance for your help.
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You can use Back to My Mac to access the TC remotely. See:

Backing up the TC is not that easy. You can connect an external USB drive to it and periodically back it up by opening Airport Utility, going to the Disk tab, selecting the TC and pressing the Archive button.

Or you can drag and drop manually in Finder.

It would be nice if Time Machine would also back up the TC to another volume, but it doesn't.

I really don't have much experience with using online storage, but from what I have read, it is not as easy as it sounds to sync large amounts of date. Even if you have a very fast internet connection, most internet connections are fast only for downloading, not uploading. For instance, my personal home connection is 120 MB/s download, but only 10 MB/s upload. So uploading, say 500GB of data, will take forever. Also, many online data services make it even worse by throttling large uploads. In other words, it could take weeks or months to complete a sync.  You might be better off periodically backing up to a portable external drive and taking it off-site, perhaps to your office.

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It seems that the cable company is more likely to throttle, while the phone company doesn't as much for home service.  You need a business line if you don't want to be throttled. at all.  10 Megabits per second translates to about a Megabyte (8 bits = 1 byte) per second, due to the overhead of error correction checks.  It should take almost 6 days to get 500 GB copied over a 10 MB/s line.  At 100 MB/s it should take 13 hours.  At 1GB/s  It should take 1.4 hours.  If you have a Gigabit fiber optic line, Online backup makes more sense.

You should not sync the ATC over to cloud, without a fast internet connection.  It's not worthwhile.  Cloud backup is for archiving small amounts of data, if your internet connection is slow.

I also suggest one of the other services that have a bit more security, over dropbox.  Otherwise you should encrypt your files before you place it into your dropbox folder.  If you You should probably have 2 online storage services watch the same folder, if you want to be more secure, in case one of the services go under.  That should just be done from your OS.  You can back up to time machine at the same time and have it back up your entire disk, including the online storage folder.

Having said that, if you have a business line, you could backup to the cloud.  You just wouldn't do it all at once, or you'd have no bandwidth left over for other stuff.  It would still be slower than backing up to local RAID disks over fiber channel or iSCSI.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
Joe Kissell wrote a Take Control ebook on Mac Backups. I purchased both editions.
He has an updated Mac Backup ebook here
This is the page about online backups

The Wirecutter has a detailed best online backup article here (CrashPlan - BackBlaze 2nd)
Also written by Joe Kissell

Again Joe Kissell in 2010 about moving backups and some references to Time Capsule.
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