Update recordset with prepared statement php not working

Hello Experts,

I have a php script that iterates through the nodes of an xml-file with the use of foreach - succesfully...

It puts all the nodes in variables - succesfully...

With the data for each node stored in a variable I then query the database to see if the data already exists - succesfully...

If the recordset returns empty the variables get inserted in to the database using prepared Insert statement - succesfully

If the recordset returns data the variables will be used to update that entrie in the database - unsuccesfully

What happens next is: There is no update taking place in the database values and the scripts stops doing stuff (looping) after the line bind_param gets called in the update function...

Step 1 inside the foreach -> the variables are made and have data -> succesfully
// The variables
$pid= value;
$isbn = value;
$trigger = value;

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Step 2 inside the foreach -> I query the database -> succesfully
$hostname_site_i = "yyy";
$database_site_i = "yyy";
$username_site_i = "yyy";
$password_site_i = "yyy";

	$conn = new mysqli($hostname_site_i, $username_site_i, $password_site_i, $database_site_i);
	// Check connection
	if ($conn->connect_error) {
	    die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error);
	/* Create a prepared statement */
	$stmt = $conn -> prepare("SELECT T_ISBN FROM titels_feed_copy WHERE T_ISBN = ?");
	/* Bind parameters */
	$stmt -> bind_param("s", $trigger);
	/* Execute it */
	$stmt -> execute();
	/* Bind results */
	$stmt -> bind_result($result);
	/* Fetch the value */
	$stmt -> fetch();

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Step 3. Now if the recordset is empty I make an insert statement to add the new data - Succesfully
if ($result == 0) {
// insert record
$query = "INSERT INTO titels_feed_copy (T_BiblioId, T_ISBN, T_Titel, T_Status, T_Bindwijze,T_Omslag,T_Uitgeverijid,T_Datum,T_Omvang,T_Prijs,T_ISBN_Ebook,T_Flaptekst,T_Kernzin,T_Promotie, T_AuthorTekst,T_NUR) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)";
$stmtInsert = $conn->prepare($query);
$stmtInsert->bind_param("isssssdsssssssss", $pid, $isbn, $titel, $statusCode, $bindwijze, $cover, $imprintId, $datum, $pages, $price, $isbnEbook, $flaptekst, $kernzin, $promotietekst,$auteurtekst, $Subject[$SubjectSchemeIdentifier]['SubjectCode']); // i = integer / d = double / s = string / b = blob
$newId = $stmtInsert->insert_id;

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Step 4. If the recordset is not empty i try to update that record with update statement -> This is where the scripts comes to a hold
else if ($result > 0) {
		$query = "UPDATE titels_feed_copy SET 'T_BiblioId'=?, 'T_Titel'=? WHERE 'T_ISBN'=?";
		$stmtUpdate = $conn->prepare($query);
		$stmtUpdate->bind_param("iss",$pid,$titel,$isbn); // i = integer / d = double / s = string / b = blob

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Up until when the line: $stmtUpdate->bind_param("iss",$pid,$titel,$isbn); // i = integer / d = double / s = string / b = blob everything goes as desired...

After the update statement the connection gets closed and the foreach should start the whole process again...

Can anyone spot what I am doing wrong here in the update function? Sure hope so... Feels like I am really close but can't seem to figure this part out...

The error message that gets thrown is:
Fatal error: Call to a member function bind_param() on boolean in D:\www\domain.com\www\folder\folder2\test.php on line 243

Lin 243 is: $stmtUpdate->bind_param("iss",$pid,$titel,$isbn); // i = integer / d = double / s = string / b = blob

Thank you very much in advance for any comments and suggestions on this matter... If you neer more data/info let me know I will be sure to provide it asap...


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WitheetAuthor Commented:
I tried many many things... But what finally did the trick was to add: $stmt->close(); after $stmt -> fetch();

Still not completely sure what caused this... Sugggestions are very welcome!


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