Windows KIOSK Mode Question

Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

I am looking at a All-in-One machine that will be going into a financial office for the public to use.

I need a secure and bullet proof KIOSK software to boot into.  

This would need to login and open up "Internet Explorer" and nothing else.  
Locked down to two websites where they will need to submit the details.

I have done this some time ago but not in the last few years and can't find my notes on this.
Mat JonesAsked:
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You will need to limit outgoing connections to the ip addresses of those 2 domains using the windows firewall. Afterwards, setup assigned access and that's it:
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the link, I am following this but the internet is not in the list of installed apps to enable me to launch this?
On Windows 8.1, the modern IE is not in the list? On 10, edge browser is not in that list? I doubt that a little, I must say.
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Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Quick look online is showing that this is yet to be made available but there are shortcuts to run but this can be manipulated by short cut keys...
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Thanks McKnife, That is the article I was looking at... 100% as much use as a chocolate teapot...

I would of thought IE would be what most people would use the Assigned Access with.

So Microsoft does not fit the bill...

Software Add On it is then...
I tried it on win10 (release 10240, will try release 1511 soon) - it does not work... describes how to use powershell - I did and it seemed to work (command accepted). Logging on that restricted user went to immediate logoff. Buggy. Let me upgrade to 1511 now and see.
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Cool Thank You...
Might take a while... trying it, I noticed that after upgrading my own machine to 1511, hyper-v (my test machine) broke down (unusable). Will repair and retry.
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Thank you...
Ok, I tested it and it does not work. Although an app (amazon app via windows store) was installed for that account I am imposing this assigned access on, windows tells me that account has no apps. Strange one. But honestly, I have seen many things go wrong of new windows features, Microsoft's testing needs to be polished.
Whoa. I got it working. Use powershell. Test with the same app (the amazon app) please, so in case something goes wrong, i can assist further.
->Logon as admin, open powershell elevated (in the satrt menu, type powershell, then right click the found powershell and select "run as administrator").
->then fire the command
Set-AssignedAccess -AppName -UserName yourtestuser

Open in new window

Then restart the computer and test logging on as yourtestuser.

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Ok, although you didn't respond, I went on because I was interested:
If we change the rule to match Microsoft Edge, it does not work. Logging on as that restricted user spawns no app, the screen stays clear with the spinning little former hourglass icon. If I logon as admin while that restricted user is still logged in, I can see that the system tries to start edge over and over again: browser broker is appearing many times in the process list. So this is buggy and Microsoft needs to be informed.

My workaround for you: use the google app. As restricted user open the store, enter google. The first hit should be that nicely colored G for the google app. Assign it, using
Set-AssignedAccess -AppName GoogleInc.GoogleSearch -UserName yourtestuser

Open in new window

So you have something at least.
Or: search for "browser" inside the store, there are full blown browsers as well, like "Your Browser"
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Sorry I got called away on business. Will check this out shortly, sounds great.
Mat JonesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help McKnife:- Tested it but the project got moved away from me onto one of the other members on the team...

Will keep this as its come up on a few of my contracts before :-)

Again thanks for your advise and help...

Win10 v1709 Finally supports edge as assigned access program. (1709 is available to the public on october 17th, but already RTM and insiders can install it). Needs to be setup on an elevated powershell:
Set-AssignedAccess -UserName weakusername -AUMID Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe!MicrosoftEdge

Open in new window

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