Data editing webpages using " backend" and "html css JavaScript front end"

I have to build few webpage that lets users to Data editing webpages using " backend" and "html css JavaScript front end" ... The data is in oracle

What is a best way to implement it
Thanks a lot
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Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
As with most projects the best way to implement something depends largely on the scope of the project and the requirements. It sounds like you'll need to implement an Ajax model which isn't hard and there are many well-documented examples online. However there are many other considerations.

Do you have a need to use WebForms or MVC? If there is no need for one or the other what is your preference?

Does your data change frequently requiring a periodic refresh?

Do you need to design the system to be multi-user safe? (i.e. avoid concurrency issues)

Do you have access to 3rd party tools that might make the design considerably easier?
ts84zsAuthor Commented:
I want to make interface browser independent... Like using JavaScript n css...
I don't want to use webform or mvc bcos that will make the front end dependent on .net

My data does change like 4-5 times a day...

Keeping it multiuser safe is a requirement...

Thanks so much
Julian HansenCommented:
Personally my preference is Angular / React front end talking to a RESTful backend.

Create a state based single page client application that adjusts state based on data from browser and obtained by REST calls to REST service.
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ts84zsAuthor Commented:
Can you please explain..
If there is sample code pl send thanks a lot
Julian HansenCommented:
Angular and React are javascript frameworks for building SPA (Single Page Applications).

The idea is you have a data model - a javascript object - and the model is linked to the interface so that when it changes the interface automatically changes.

Data is obtained by making REST calls back to the server.

There are plenty of examples out there for both of the above. If you have a good grounding in JavaScript they are both fairly easy to pickup and they make coding interfaces much easier as you are not mixing server side script code with client side interface code - everything is HTML with AJAX calls to send and receive data.

A simple angular application would look like this
<!doctype html>
<html ng-app="demo">
<input ng-model="name" type="text" />
<script src=""></script>
(function() {
	'use strict';

Open in new window

You can see it working here
As you type in the text box the contents are mirrored to the right.
This is obviously a simple example - you would need to do some reading up to see the full extent of what can be done.

The purpose of my post is to bring attention to the fact that this is one direction that is gaining popularity in terms of web applications.

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ts84zsAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much... I m going through your comments
Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
It looks like Julian has given you a good explanation and a reasonable answer. If you need further assistance please ask. Otherwise it would be courteous to Julian to accept his solution and close this question.
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