Sort array & keep corresponding array in sorted sequence

I have this case:

I have two arrays with the same number of elements; array 1 contains part numbers, array 2 contains quantities of the corresponding part number.

I want to sort the part # (alphanumeric) array & keep the corresponding quantity array "in synch".

Is there a php function that will do this or do I have to program the sort "manually"?

Richard KortsAsked:
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Ray PaseurCommented:
You might want to change your data design strategy.  Keep a single array.  Let the array contain objects and in these objects store the part numbers and the quantities as properties.  Then you can use usort() to sort on any of the object properties and the objects will still remain intact, with the correct properties associated together.

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Julian HansenCommented:
To answer the question - no there is no PHP function that will do that directly.

If you are unable / constrained in following Ray's advice then what you need to do is to merge the two arrays into one and then sort that.

The process for doing this is dependent on what is in your arrays - if they are just scalars it is a fairly simple process of looping through one and creating a new array with the index equal to the value in the first array and the value the corresponding value in the second for instance (assumes non-associative arrays)
$merged = array();
foreach($parts as $k => $p) {
   $merged[$p] = $quantities[$k]
// sort here

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If however, your arrays contain arrays or objects then a different mechanism would need to be used.

Can you give us a breakdown of exactly what is in each array?
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