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i have a new user but get error. "You are not access this Database",

How can i correct it?

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Which database?
Is the user's new account authorized to use the server? This is usually done by adding their account name to a group that is used for authorization purposes.
apollo-13Author Commented:
Hi Thomas
i am very new on IBM. I do not know what you mean with DB? I think i have only one DB .

when i did new user that user no Group choosed.

how do this?under BASICS ?
apollo-13Author Commented:
Hi Thomas,
can i ask something ? I think you works with IBM Domino. I installed my Domino test Server on Windows ,but i get many Information ,actually Domino works with Linux better.

Is it correct ? which Linux Version do you use ? i am actually very good on DEBIAN and CENTOS (because free :))))
i have got someinformation that Suggestion SUSE.

Thank you for your Help
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Sorry, but my comment about a group was probably confusing. Just creating the user account should let the user access the server that the account is on.

Your original post mentioned an error about accessing a database. I was just curious if the error message mentioned which database the user could not access.

This compatibility page says Domino 9 is supported on SUSE Linux, although I've never used Domino on Linux.
apollo-13Author Commented:
Thanks for Information.

I just tried ,
i added new user to admin Group,but when i open inotes client and Login with this new user -->mail  then i get error.

Interesting it ,via Login with this user and Password ,i have no Problem ,only when i try to open mail section for this user(inotes) then error Comes out.
Check the ACL of their mailbox. Are they authorized to their own mailbox?

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apollo-13Author Commented:
Are they authorized to their own mailbox?
I am not sure ,because i do not know how
apollo-13Author Commented:
if i sent  mail from administrator account from intern to extern .works ! if i send from external to administartor works!

if i create a  new user cant send. I get the same error .  where is the problem?
apollo-13Author Commented:
i got it. all are working now
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