Chkdsk error Windows 2012

Have a Windows 2012 server, upon reboot it does a checkdisk which I can bypass, but if I let it run it just eventually shows "Correcting error in index $130 for file 11932" and stays there for ages.

How can I correct this ?

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I am not sure that you can correct that, from my experience typically if checkdisk is for ages in one place that could be problem with HDD - bad blocks. Check system log.
Is this a RAID configuration?  If so what does the Array Diagnostics say?  any amber or red LEDs on the hard drives?
Kailash AgheraCommented:
Depending on total number of files/folders and corrupted file system, it may take long time to complete chkdsk process. You can also run chkdsk in read only mode (without specifying /f option) while your server is online. If there is bad blocks on your HDD, it should be reported by chkdsk.
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As mentioned, chkdsk isn't failing, it just takes very long. Depending on the numbers of errors, the size of the partition etc, this can take hours.

I would first make an extra backup. Then check your RAID status and replace any bad disks in the array. Then wait for it to rebuild. After that run chkdsk again and wait for it to finish.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
The previous IT guy hasn't put any software on the HP server so I'm looking for HP Support Tools so that I can run a diagnostics, visually the drives look ok, but that doesn't always tell the whole story !!!
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Visually the drive appears ok A visual inspection will tell you nothing unless you open the drive in a clean room environment and can see visual defects (i.e. scoring) get the drive manufacturers diagnostic and use it as you will need the error codes when RMA'ing the drive
Seems to me that it's likely that the message you're seeing is saying it's correcting that one error, then once corrected, the "delay" is just the time to scan/verify the rest of the disk..  If there's no other errors shown, that's probably a GOOD thing..  Has it ever finished?  Does the hard drive still have the activity light on?  How long have you let it sit?  On a large drive, this could take a LONG time, but there may not be a further problem...

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discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
I right-clicked the C drive and it said on the properties>tools menu that the drive needed a reboot and a scan for repairs doing to it. I went ahead and rebooted and it didn't actually take too long, and ran through a repair, not a chkdsk, and once back up it said there are now no errors on the drive.

However, I still need to get thje support tools for it, the server is a ml310e Gen8.
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