DNS and Active directories

I have just inherited a new site
The muffin head who was looking after it didn't know networking very well
This site is a windows 2012 R2
the request was to allow access for remote users
I configured a cyberoam cr25iNg and went to install the first thing I noticed was all the workstations couldn't get on the internet
Back to the server and duly noted in DNS that there was no active directory Component in the DNS records

I have tried to reinstall thinking that he hadn't connected it up so I removed DNS and reinstalled
But I feel that he had deleted DNS as I cannot reinstate the Active directories DNS
I don't know when this happened so a system restore is out of the question
Is there another way to reinstate other than a complete rebuild of 2012
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
On the server in question open powershell with run as administrator
type import-module servermanager (press Enter)
type Add-WindowsFeature DNS  (press Enter)

you may have to reboot afterwards
It's not clear to me that you're using Windows for DNS, but since you're talking about reconfiguring the server, I'm going to make that assumption..

The instructions for recreating the DNS entries given above are good ideas, but before you do it, you need to make sure your server's IP configuration is pointing at itself for DNS, and that the DNS zone is set to ALLOW dynamic updates..

if I'm misunderstanding, and you're using an external DNS server/appliance, make sure that DNS applicance supports dynamic updates, and if it's not AD aware, you may need to set it to accept insecure updates..

Also, to make the DCs re-register quicker than a reboot, just restart the netlogon service.

After the DCs are able to register to themselves in DNS, make sure the DNS forwarders are set to your ISP's upstream DNS or some other external DNS to handle external requests, and/or set it to use the root hints.  You should be able to use nslookup to test..
TeddiemanAuthor Commented:
changed the instructions and copied netlogin.dns to DNS and used that file to regenerate
All good thanks for the info
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Active Directory

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