Can't connect Window 10 device to Server 2012 R2 Essentials

I recently setup Server 2012 R2 Essentials for a client and have all Windows 7 Pro clients joined successfully using the http:\\SERVERNAME\Connect feature.  Worked great.  DHCP is running on the Server and DNS set to Server IP (not loopback).  This client has a new Surface 3 running Windows 10 Pro, which is not supported by the web URL connect feature.  I downloaded the stand-alone Connector Configuration Wizard and installed on the Surface.  I am not connected to the network via ethernet but via wifi to the local network.  DNS is Server IP.  It fails with the "Cannot connect this computer to the network.  The server is not available.  Try connecting this computer again." error message.

I am logged into the Surface as local user with admin privileges (but not the "Administrator" account - it is disabled).  Here is the odd thing.  When I run the connector is looks for servers and finds SERVERNAME automatically.  Then, whether I choose that, or use the option to manually set either the server name or the ip address of the server, it moves to the second step of entering the "Type your new network user name and password" successfully.  I enter the user's name (tried both with and without the DOMAIN\) , and always get the "Cannot connect..." message on the next screen.

But here's the odd thing I noticed...  even though I am connected to the LAN via wifi, the connector wizard seems to always create a VPN using the FQDN address for the server "".   I did not create this VPN, and if I delete it and run the wizard again, it recreates it.  When I have tried to manually connect with this VPN after I close the wizard, it seems "hardcoded" for the user credentials of the local user login on the Surface (SURFACE3\admin).  I can't modify the username or password.

My guess is that the wizard initially sees the server and I can choose it by name, but somehow sees the need later in the process to create this VPN connection (not sure why...) with local user credentials to try to connect to the server (and fails of course because the local user credentials of SURFACE3\admin have no permission to log in via VPN to the DOMAIN.)

I'm stuck - any thoughts on this?  The Surface has no built-in ethernet, but has wifi and cellular.  I did try to disable all network devices except the wifi with no change in result.

Any help would be appreciated.   Need to get the connection wizard to run, or a manual way to join.  Thanks in advance!
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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:

The update for Essentials 2012 R2 to allow the client connector to be installed automagically was released this week.  Check your updates on the server.

Also check this link for details for Windows 10 on various editions of server:

Let us know if you have issues if you install the hot fix listed under Windows 10 clients on that page.

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Pgh_HabitatAuthor Commented:
Thanks Larry!   I'll take automagically anytime.  I have installed KB3105885 via Windows Update and am still having the issue.  

Also, when I access \\SERVER\Connect the screen doesn't indicate that Windows 10 clients are supported...

Did the update not install correctly?  Thanks.
Pgh_HabitatAuthor Commented:
Thank you Larry!
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