Hyper V cluster storage

Hello experts,

I created a failover cluster for 2 hyper Host and my storage is 1TB.

1. I want to know how much space is used in 1TB space. I wanted to convert 300 GB disk to VHD and copy the VHD to the cluster storage I received message that It ran out of disk space which I can hardly believe.
2. If I increase the ITB in the Dell equalogic will it increase the capacity of the 1TB automatically and how to check that.

Sorry I am new in hyper v environment and I am learning slowly. Thanks for your help
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Asked:
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Ganesh Kumar ASr Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
1) Open Windows Hyper-V Manager

Windows Server 2008 Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Hyper-V Manager.

2) Select Virtual Machine which consumes more space and go into Setting window

Right click Virtual Machine name and select "settings....".

Check the Maximum and Actual Virtual Hard Disk Size Step 2
3) Select Virtual Machine's hard drive property and go into Inspect window

Click "Hard drive" in left of settings window and click "Inspect" button in right of the window.

Check the Maximum and Actual Virtual Hard Disk Size Step 3
4) You will get the Maximum and Actual Virtual Hard Disk Size information at the new window

Size is the Actual Virtual Hard Disk Size
Maximum Size is the limitation size if the virtual machine.


You can use Windows Performance Monitor to remotely connect to and view data.

Click Start , click in the Start Search box, type perfmon , and press ENTER

Click on Performance Monitor on the Left

Delete the current process

Click Add, and browse to another computer. You will need to be on the same domain as the computer you want to connect to.

Under LogicalDisk select Free Megabytes. Select . Click Add.

Click OK.

Select Report under Graph Type. This will show the free disk space per volume.

To know more how to manage Hyper-v storage read this article it covers both pro and cons : http://www.virtualizationadmin.com/articles-tutorials/microsoft-hyper-v-articles/storage-management/managing-hyper-v-virtual-disks.html
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Sorry this is about cluster shared volume. I see that I have 741 available space and when I tried to copy a vhd of 350GB I get a message that there is not enough space.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Ok so I clicked on the VM and did the inspect disk and I see the max size is set to 236GB and the actual is 68GB. What do I do now?
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Increase the LUN size on the SAN.
On the _owner node_ for that CSV open Disk Management and find the LUN. It will show the partition with some extra space.
Extend the NTFS partition into the free space.

That's called "Online Resizing" and is perfectly permissible in 2012 R2.

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SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
I am still getting trained how do I get the to node and run the disk management. I know which node owns the csv.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
Here is what I see right now in the host that owns the CSV. I increased the lun to 10gb.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Right click on CSVFS and Extend.
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
I tried to extend and the window with steps comes up and after selecting the options to extend and click finish nothing happens. Does it take time may be?
SR ZakNetwork Solutions Author Commented:
I do not get the option to extend the drive.

I am able to see the extra drive capacity available as a result of increasing the LUN volume. When I right click the host and go to disk management and right click on the volume I do not see the extend option and also It saying this disk is managed by the failover cluster server.

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