VBA String Substitution question

See code below.  I am attempting to do a simple string substitution (replace an Asc() 225 with a space and an Asc() with a dash "-".  when the code is run, instead of looping thru for the length of the string, it just executes one time.... and then exits the function, and then returns again for the number of iterations of the string length??????

Any and all help is appreciated.  Here is an example string: Receiver,áDirecTVáBasicáDefinition

The return string from the function should be:  Receiver, DirectTV Basic Definiton

Function AddSpaceDash(LookIn As String) As String

Dim Ctr As Integer
Dim strHold As String
Dim codeHold As Integer
Dim lLength As Integer

lLength = Len(LookIn)

 For Ctr = 1 To lLength

  Select Case Asc(Mid(LookIn, Ctr, 1))
          Case 225
            Mid(strHold, Ctr, 1) = " "
          Case 161
            Mid(strHold, Ctr, 1) = "-"
          Case Else
            Mid(strHold, Ctr, 1) = Mid(LookIn, Ctr, 1)
  End Select

AddSpaceDash = strHold

End Function
Rick NorrisAsked:
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Why not use the built-in replace function?

Replace(strInput, Chr(225), " ")

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
No loop needed
Function AddSpaceDash(LookIn As String) As String

LookIn = Replace(LookIn, Chr(225), " ")
LookIn = Replace(LookIn, Chr(161), "-")
AddSpaceDash = LookIn
End Function

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BTW your sample doesn't contain any chr(161) characters.

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Rick NorrisAuthor Commented:
Martin:  Very GOOD!!  Yes, I knew the example did not contain a Chr(161) character...  

IF you could....  can you possibly explain WHY the loop was only executing one time....  exiting.... and then coming back again until length of loop???  I think the code would have worked if not for that????

If not then still a an exceptional solution to my problem.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Your code actually didn't do even one complete loop and the reason for that is that as logical as it looks you can't build a string using Mid (or Left or Right) as you tried to do with Mid(strHold, Ctr, 1) = Mid(LookIn, Ctr, 1) and so the left hand portion of that gave an "invalid procedure call" error and the sub quit. If you had error handling in the sub you might have caught that.

To correct the problem you could have done things like the following where the new character is sandwiched between the left and right portions. Note that someplace you'd need to do strHold = LookIn first.

          Case 225
              strHold = Left$(strHold, Ctr - 1) & " " & Mid$(strHold, Ctr + 1)

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
See the above for the explanation, but in any case you're welcome and I'm glad I was able to help.

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