SQL 2005 Stored Procedure Select with Case Statement issue

I have the following TSQL in my stored procedure for case statement withing a select.  The stored proc itself is an insert into using select.

My issue is I am getting a "Invalid length parameter passed to substring function".... but with WHEN logic, why is the Substring being challenged???... The THEN statement should be processed as the @EventTypeCd does = 'EI'

I have changed the case statement to use WHEN ELSE and just WHEN's.   All of which result in the error mentioned above.  

Employee_First_Nm = case
                 When @EventTypeCd = 'EI'
                    Then (select em.First_Name_Display_Tx from vw_HSRS_People em where em.AD_Account_Tx = @sEmployee)
                 Else (SUBSTRING(@sEmployeeCd, CHARINDEX(',', @sEmployeeCd)  + 1, LEN(@sEmployeeCd))) End,
            Employee_Last_Nm = Case
                 When  @EventTypeCd = 'EI'
                    Then (select em.Last_Name_Tx from vw_HSRS_People em where em.AD_Account_Tx = @sEmployee)
                Else (SUBSTRING(@sEmployeeCd, 0, CHARINDEX(',', @sEmployeeCd))) End,
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
I see you opened a new similar question about exact same issue...did the trick to "print" the text helped to see if it goes on the ELSE/SUBSTRING branch instead of the expected WHEN branch?

Can you post the entire SP if possible? - clear any confidential info before posting.
Did you checked all other variables used in this and any other case from the SP body to NOT be NULL? I mean you can fill them up with empty string like ='' (two single quotes) instead of leaving them null

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66chawgerAuthor Commented:
lcohan... sorry about that... I closed the other by mistake.

I found the issue.... the case statements listed above and in the original question were fine.  

I went further up in the SP and found this:


DECLARE @OrigEventType varchar(2)
DECLARE @sEmployeeCd VARCHAR(50)
set @OrigEventType = ''
set @sEmployeeCd = @sEmployee
set @sEmployeeCd = LEFT(@sEmployeeCd, CHARINDEX('-', @sEmployeeCd) - 1)

It was bombing on that last statement...so the issue is that this situation the @sEmployeeCd does not contain the '-'.   It considers this a substring function w/o being implied implicitly.  

So.... I need to put a condition around this set statement checking for the existence of the '-'... or can I do this within the statement itself?
66chawgerAuthor Commented:

This is what I was able to do last week to resolve my issue.  As stated in my previous post, the error was actually further up in the SP.

set @sEmployeeCd = LEFT(@sEmployeeCd, CHARINDEX('-', @sEmployeeCd) - 1)

set @sEmployeeCd = LEFT(@sEmployeeCd, LEN(@sEmployeeCd) - CHARINDEX('-', reverse(@sEmployeeCd)))

In my original question that you assisted with, you mentioned the "LEN" missing from the set statement.   I awarded you points for the last question (I closed by mistake), and you can have these points as well as after I thought about it, your comment about the "LEN" led me to look elsewhere in the SP.  Thanks
66chawgerAuthor Commented:
I had closed out my original question by mistake.  Expert did receive credit, however when I opened new question Expert picked right back up which I appreciate.
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