In jQuery, how do I get to the contents of an <object> #document <html> sequence?

I am injecting HTML code into a DIV via an <object> element.

I can navigate to the div that contains the content (div has id of "rhs_content") and I can see the contents in Chrome Dev Tools (F12):

but I cannot figure out how to navigate to the stuff inside of the <object> element.  What is #document?  Can an .html page have 2 <html> tags?

I've tried:

$("html body #mainwrapper #righthandside #rhs_content #temp2 #document")
$("html body #mainwrapper #righthandside #rhs_content #temp2 #document html")

But the console always returns [  ]

Thank you for your help.
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
#document looks like text - do you have a link?
Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Ok so first things first, <object> elements are kind of like IFrames, they allow you to render other pages inside a page and still keep their own closed context.

Now for the code, the "trick" is to use .contents() method from jQuery:

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Althogh this is not enough :)
Just like IFrames, Objects have their own loading time so we can't query its contents before it actually received the content. To do that we must use the onload event like:
<object id="temp2" type="text/html" data="embeded.html" onload="onObjectLoad()"></object>

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Here's a small plunker with a demo

Ah, about the #document, it's just the normal console representation of the window.document object.
If you want to test it, just go to the browser devtools console and type: document

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