Open an Access Report using the field selection from a Combo Box

I have a request to embed a filter to open an Access report. I have created a new form with a combo box and the field to use. When I run my VBA command, I get a message "Enter Parameter Value". The note has the Selection in the Title area, but not the parameter box. If I enter the parameter manually, the report opens with that filter. If I remove the WhereCondition statement, the entire filter is bypassed. What am I missing?

Private Sub cmdOpenReport_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_cmdOpenReport_Click
    Dim strRptName, strSelect As String
    strSelect = "UID = " & cmb_NameList.Column(1)
    strRptName = "rptHelpDeskReport"
    DoCmd.OpenReport strRptName, acViewPreview, WhereCondition:=strSelect
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.description
    Resume Exit_cmdOpenReport_Click
End Sub
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
what is the Row Source of the combo box? what is the bound Column?

is the UID field a Text or Number data Type?

if Text use this

 strSelect = "[UID] = '" & cmb_NameList.Column(1) & "'"

if number

 strSelect = "[UID] = " & cmb_NameList.Column(1)

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With the form open and a selection made in the combo box, if you go to the immediate window and type:

Open in new window

what do you get?
edrz01Author Commented:
3 fields are being used. ID, UID, Name
Bound to Column 1 where the UID is located. In the String variable, the UID is located.
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edrz01Author Commented:
To answer your question "what do you get"... I see the selected record in the combo box, the Person's Name of the UID record I need. The UID record is the log-in account name which is the Bound Field or Column(1).

See the attachment. This is the UID of the record selected in Column(1). What the user will see, is Column(2) the full name. IF I re-enter the UID, then the Report filters correctly.
I expected to see something like Forms("MyFormName")!cmb_NameList.Column(1) rather than just cmb_NameList.Column so, based on Rey's comment:

 strSelect = "[UID] = '" & Forms("MyFormName")!cmb_NameList.Column(1) & "'"

Open in new window

edrz01Author Commented:
Here's what I did...

strSelect = "UID = '" & cmb_NameList.Column(1) & "'"

I had forgotten to add the ending parameter &"'" and seeing your solution jogged my memory 'what' I didn't apply. And because the field is a text field and not a numeric... the single apostrophes were forgotten. Duh...
Thank you. ~Ed

Are you sure the points should go to me and not Rey?
edrz01Author Commented:
Doug, yes you are correct... I didn't see his until now.. I'll try and figure out how EE can adjust.
Request attention at the bottom of your original post.
edrz01Author Commented:
Done and requesting Admin to award points to Rey. Thank you Doug.
edrz01Author Commented:
This solution worked very nicely. And since the UID is a text field I failed to enclose correctly.
Thank you very much Rey.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
u r welcome! glad to help.
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