How to split a period separated string in javascript

Hello Experts!

I have to query a table that pulls back ip address information (i.e. X.X.X.X - where X is a number). I need to be able to split this up and put each "X" in a different textbox. How do I break apart and individualize the numbers?

The old code already has this information (just so you can see what I'm working with).

 <WebMethod()> _
    Public Function GetSubNet(ByVal GateWay As String) As String
        Dim Subnet As String

        Subnet = GateWay.Substring(0, GateWay.LastIndexOf(".") + 1)

        Return Subnet

    End Function

Thanks in advance!
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Lee SavidgeCommented:
Well splitting in javascript is easy. You use the split() function.

Assume you have 4 text boxes with IDs of text1, text2, text3, and text4

function setTextBoxes(psMyIp)
  sArr = psMyIp.split(".");

  document.getElementById("text1").value = sArr[0];
  document.getElementById("text2").value = sArr[1];
  document.getElementById("text3").value = sArr[2];
  document.getElementById("text4").value = sArr[3];

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You could put it in a loop but this will never be more than 4 so it isn't worth it.

Is this what you're after?
Lee SavidgeCommented:
In my last post, you will need to pass in the IP address to the function.
CementTruckAuthor Commented:
@Lee Savidge,

The example code I posted resides on a javascript.vb page that gets called by many different pages. What I need is just a way to split the ip address up and have it ready for use but not insert the values in a textbox. Maybe dim 4 strings and add the individual values?

would this work?

sArr = psMyIp.split(".");

Dim ip1 As String
Dim ip2 As String
Dim ip3 As String
Dim ip4 As String

ip1  = sArr[0];
ip2  = sArr[1];
ip3  = sArr[2];
ip4  = sArr[3];

Your example would work if the javascript was on the same page that textboxes are in.

Kind of a noob to javascript. Please forgive the explanation.
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Lee SavidgeCommented:
Javascript is client side so it only exists within the page on the client. If this is for multiple pages, then you need to store it somewhere serverside in memory for use elsewhere. Javascript may not be what you want to use.

The code I posted will split it but the IP octets will need to be stored either in a page variable or posted back to the server to use. If you're posting back you might as well do the split server side.

I'd need more details to help you much further.

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CementTruckAuthor Commented:
In trying to be more efficient we created a page that houses all the repetetive code that we use all over the site. We call the javascript function of our choice from the page depending upon our need. Each programmer may name their textbox differently in their own project so I just wanted generic strings that can be called into our project as needed. The IP info is not sitting in limbo until we need it. The function gets called , the IP gets queried, then we have our info.
CementTruckAuthor Commented:
There was a lot more to this than I thought. We kind of have it working but are having issues with onblur/onclick/onchange that have nothing to do with the original question.

I have this in the aspx page
 <asp:Label ID="lblSubNet1" runat="server" Text="Label" Font-Bold="True" Visible="false"></asp:Label>
            <asp:TextBox ID="txtSubnet1a" Width="25px" runat="server" onblur="ResetGateway()"></asp:TextBox>.
            <asp:TextBox ID="txtSubnet1b" Width="25px" runat="server" onblur="ResetGateway()"></asp:TextBox>.
            <asp:TextBox ID="txtSubnet1c" Width="25px" runat="server" onblur="ResetGateway()"></asp:TextBox>.
            <asp:TextBox ID="txtIP1" Width="25px" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

            <asp:TextBox ID="txtIP2" Width="25px" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
           &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<asp:LinkButton ID="btnAction" CssClass="LinkButton" runat="server"></asp:LinkButton>
<br />

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and this further down for the javascript

    function ResetGateway() {

        var SubA = document.getElementById('<%= txtSubnet1a.ClientID %>');
        var SubB = document.getElementById('<%= txtSubnet1b.ClientID %>');
        var SubC = document.getElementById('<%= txtSubnet1c.ClientID %>');

        var actionbutton = document.getElementById('<%= btnAction.ClientID %>'); = "getSubNet("+SubA.innerHTML + '.' + SubB.innerHTML + '.' + SubC.innerHTML + '.1'+");";

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Then I have this in the .vb page

        If e.CommandName = "PingAll" Then
            Dim AJ As New AjaxService

            pnlActions.Visible = True
            btnAction.OnClientClick = "getSubNet('" & e.CommandArgument & "'); return false;"
            lblSubNet1.Text = AJ.GetSubNet(e.CommandArgument)
            txtSubnet1a.text = AJ.GetIP(e.CommandArgument)(0)
            txtSubnet1b.text = AJ.GetIP(e.CommandArgument)(1)
            txtSubnet1c.text = AJ.GetIP(e.CommandArgument)(2)
            txtIP1.Text = "1"
            'lblSubNet2.Text = AJ.GetSubNet(e.CommandArgument)
            txtIP2.Text = "254"
            'btnAction.OnClientClick = "getSubNet('" & txtSubnet1a.text & "." & txtSubnet1b.text & "." & txtSubnet1c.text & "." & txtIP1.Text & "'); return false;"
            'btnAction.CommandArgument = e.CommandArgument
        End If

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and lastly, we did this on the repository page. It is probably useless to have it there and could have been done on the actual asp page itself.

    Public Function GetIP(ByVal GateWay As String) As String()

        Dim sArr() As String = GateWay.Split(".")

        Return sArr

    End Function

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