Setup Cisco RV220W behind ISP's DSL Modem (PPOE Connection)

I'm replacing a Cisco/Linksys WRT120W in my home office with the Cisco RV220W.  I'm hoping for a more robust wireless signal with this device along with all the other features provided by the new firewall.

I've created screenshots of all the Setup Configuration screens in the "old" device.  My ISP has setup up my connection as PPOE and I have all the info needed (username, password, etc.) to complete the setup on the "new" device.

I've connected manually and directly to the RV220W with a laptop using an Ethernet cable and default login via the GUI interface.  Initial login presented the default installer - which I attempted to use.  This method did not allow the device to make a connection to the ISP's modem.  There are screens available for PPOE entries to be created and I have used the same entries as were in the "old" device, but there is still no connectivity.

Because this device was purchased more than a year ago (I just have felt no need to install it), Cisco support has expired.  The one Cisco tech who would give me any information said that I should "clone" the Mac Address of the "old" device.  His description was that the ISP's modem might be linked to the Mac Address of the "old" Cisco/Linksys and was denying connectivity because it didn't recognize the Mac Address of the RV220W.  

Although website pages display instructions to reach the "Clone Mac Address" screen on the RV220W,  the RV220W that I have in hand does NOT have the "Clone Mac Address" screen available.  I've updated the firmware of this device to the latest available in an attempt to display the needed screen described here.

I'm open to any other suggestions or methods to establish connectivity to my ISP's modem.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I use a Cisco RV220W router and I think it is an excellent router.

Here is the basis PPOE setup screen. Are you using this?

Perhaps have the ISP flush their modem and then see if you can connect.

If not, please post a screenshot.
baleman2Author Commented:
Yes, these are the exact same screens with menu items on the left.

I used the PPPoE line item (just below your highlighted "IPv4 WAN (Internet) to manually key in all the entries from my "old" Cisco/Linksys setup screens.

It was as though I could NOT make the PPPoE connection type the DEFAULT connection type.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Talk to your ISP during business hours, ask them to flush the modem, and then see what happens on their end when you connect by PPPOE.

Another thought: If your modem is connected by PPPOE, then you could use Automatic Configuration as you do not need PPPOE a second time. That may be your issue.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What you can do to sort this out is the following:

1. Hook up a computer to your modem. If it has internet, then your modem is the PPPOE connection (which it probably is).

2. If 1 is true, then hook up your RV220W with Automatic Configuration (the first pick). Connect the WAN port on the RV220W to the modem with an Ethernet Cable.
baleman2Author Commented:
Just went thru the entire setup process again (after a Cisco reset) using the Automatic Configuration with the following results:

1) First onscreen prompt told me that connectivity had been established between the ISP's modem and the Cisco.
2) Second onscreen prompt told me that internet connectivity had not been established.  I was presented with the option to setup a PPPoE connection - which is the type of setup the "old" Cisco/Linksys device was using.
3) Entered the username and password for the PPPoE connection setup.
4) Onscreen prompt told me that Internet connectivity had been established.
5) Configured wireless network settings during this process.
5) During Automatic Configuration:
     a) Ethernet cable was already running from the LAN port 1 of the ISP's modem to the WAN port of the Cisco RV220W.
     b) Ethernet cable was already running from the LAN port 1 of the Cisco RV220W to the Ethernet port of my laptop.
     c) So, my laptop should have had immediate "wired" internet access.
6) No "wired" internet access
7) However, I was able to join the "wireless" network being broadcast from the Cisco RV220W as configured in Step 5 above.

Just no "wired" internet access from the Cisco RV220W.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Something is strange with your modem.

Step 1 should have worked - it did not.
Step 2 should not be PPPOE because your modem already uses PPPOE (Please Verify for me).
Step 2a the RV220W is not a DSL router. Maybe your old one was a DSL router.
Just no "wired" internet access from the Cisco RV220W   <-- Do you get an IP address?

I suggest calling your ISP for assistance.

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baleman2Author Commented:
Step 2 of your answer pointed me to my ISP.  They provided a tech who came onsite and finished the setup for me.  I was unavailable at the time so I don't know what they did.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
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