VMware clustering question

In my VMware 5.1 update 2 host cluster (3 hosts), I have a mix of production and dev/test VMs.  On the storage side I have multiple datastore clusters.  There are 2 for production on Nimble storage (we're migrating to a new SAN) and 1 for Dev/Test on an EMC VNx 3100.

My boss wants me to move all dev/test machines off the 3 production hosts to free up resources in prod.  A new host has been built and added to the same datacenter, but not a member of the cluster.  My plan was to 1)add the dev datastore cluster to the new host 2)vmotion the VMs to it 3)remove access to dev datastore cluster for production host cluster.

I had to call EMC because I was unable to add the Dev datastores to the new host.  I logged into EMC unisphere and surprisingly I had to not only discover and add the host to unisphere, but I also had to grant access to the new host for all the datastores, which wasn't working.  After talking to EMC they fixed my ability to grant access, but they said that since all the hosts are not part of the host cluster that data corruption is likely and they don't recommend the above plan.  My revised plan was 1)shut down all VMs residing on dev datastore cluster 2)Through EMC unisphere grant access to dev datastores to new host 3)move VMs to new host 4)remove access to dev datastores for host cluster 5)power on VMs.  EMC was OK with this plan.

I reviewed the updated plan with my boss and it turns out it maybe problematic to shutdown all the VMs in Dev/Test, because some are kind of production.  His question was could we add the new host to the host cluster and edit DRS settings so we could isolate Dev/Test on the new host, which I didn't know the answer to.  My assumption is no as these setting would come from cluster object.


How would you tackle what i'm being asked to accomplish?
Do I simply have to tell him we need a maintenance window and shut these machines down or is adding the host to the cluster a valid suggestion?

This is the first time I've encounter a storage product that requires you to grant access to datastores for a host.

Thank you in advance

Ryan MignosaSystems EngineerAsked:
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You CAN v-motion across different clustered hosts.  They just have to be setup for v-motion on the same network where they can reach eachother, or add a nic to both clusters and call it a v-motiontransfer..  

Reconfigure and move the VM's.

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I should add you will need to expose the storage to both clusters.. move the storage first on the source cluster and move the vm to the new host.  

Am I understanding your question correctly?
Ryan MignosaSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
All the host are on the same network and vmotion is configured.  Host 1, Host 2, and Host 3 (Host cluster) have access to Dev datastore cluster 1.  Host 4 (standalone host) does not have access to Dev datastore cluster 1(yet).  I wanted to just add the Dev datastore cluster to Host 4, but EMC is saying that if I do there could be corruption of the datastore contents.  EMC referred to a shared or synced log the hosts in the cluster use, but the standalone host wouldn't have access to and would update it's own.

This make any sense?  I could get more detail.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
I'm not sure what the issue is here, and EMC talking about corruption what a lot of FUD!

It does not make any difference about clusters, datastore clusters.

if hosts have access to the resources, e.g. the datastores and vMotion network is setup correctly, you can migrate any VM between host, and/or datastore.

Provided you have vMotion and Storage vMotion licenses.
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