SSIS importing a CSV file with double quotes. The problem is having a (comma) in a field.

Please help me to import a CSV file and that has double quotes.
I could resolve that part; by adding " as textqualifier

The problem is that it has comma in the column
", Inc.","M1020"

and many times there is no data within the double quotes

Please see that attached example.

thank you,
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One option is using this third party component.
Double click Flat File Connection Manager, input "Text qualifier" as ". This can guarantee anything between DOUBLE QUOTE will stay its original meaning.

Was this helpful -- below link.
sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sachiek,

I have already done text qualifier as ".

But there are issues after that
1) there is a comma within the ", Inc.","M1020"
2) "" is used to show that there is no data in the same column.

If you open the doc attached I have highlighted the example.

At my end, 3rd party tools are not allowed on the production server.
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Arifhusen AnsariBusiness Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:
Hi sqlgauri,

I  have gone through the issue related to the csv file with double quoted data. I have tired to resolve your issue.

You can use the SSIS package for that. I think you have already used the same.

Configure the Flat File Connection as Below.

1) Select the Source of CSV file data.
2) In General tab select " as Text Qualifier.
3) In General tab is your first row represents the Column name then check the check box "Column in First Data row"
3) In Column tab select "," as Column delimiter.

I think it will resolve your issue.

I have attached sample data file and Screen shot of package in Zip. Check it.

Please put a comment if it does not work for you.
sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arifhusen Ansari.

I had already done that part of your suggestion from  before I asked for help here at experts-exchange.

The problem is that there is a comma with in the text of the data column.
And also there are some empty data columns with "".
sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
Thank you every one for sharing the solutions.

I corrected in the following steps
1) in staging sql table I got all the 100 columns ( I actually just needed 4) so earlier in the flat file I was just calling for the 4 columns.
2) and then inserted into the sql table (production) (the table had 4 columns)
3) and it worked ....yeah!

I did not realize that I should have got all the 100 columns earlier and was just trying to get the 4 columns from the flat file. And it failed till the end.

Learnt the importance of having a staging table.

Thank you ALL those who helped .

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sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
Hi vitor,
Please let me know how to close the issue?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Is each comment you have two options:
Accept Multiple Solutions --> if the comment is part of many comments solution
Accept as Solution --> if only this comment was the solution

You can also click in Request Attention button at the end of the main question.
sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

I upgraded to the premium services
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Instead of requesting for deletion wouldn't be better to mark your own comment as solution?
sqlgauriAuthor Commented:
That's true, but it has been long time and do not recollect the solutions on the same.

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