dymo add-in not saving in word 2013/2016

I have a computer running office 2013 and now 2016, after uninstalling 2013.  Dymo software was installed, and the add-in for dymo was installed in word.  All of a sudden, when word starts, it doesn't load the dymo add-in.  When I manually add the add-in, it adds it, but as soon as word is closed, and reopened, it doesn't reload it.

I have searched online and can't find anything, as everything I tried didn't work.  

I even did a repair on office 2013, didn't help.
I uninstalled office 2013, and installed 2016, still didn't help.
I reinstalled the dymo software, still doesn't work.

Any suggestions?
DanNetwork EngineerAsked:
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crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
see if this link is helpful:

and if not, here is a more technical link that discusses editing the registry (Win-R to run a program --> RegEdit)

I suspect what is happening is that the folder for add-ins has changed ...
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Open up your registry via regedit and go to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\ and set the loadbehaviour to 3 (Loaded) for the Dymo Add-in

Also found an alternate article showing a different location for this from Microsoft. As per always backup your registry if not familiar with how this works.
Wrong settings can break the wrong bits :)

Article here
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Crystal, I've tried the first link, it didn't work.  I'll look at the 2nd.

Maclean, I'll try the registry as well.
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crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
> "I've tried the first link, it didn't work"

maybe your anti-virus protection software is not letting you in?  I recently ran into a problem with a client who was using McAfee, if I recall correctly.  It wouldn't let her into almost everything I linked her to! So we switched to my desktop so she could actually see stuff.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Ok, let me know. Try my 1st suggestion first. If no luck, look at the 2nd one.
2nd one talks about GPO's but the location will likely already exist. Am unable to check right now as I am not behind a computer
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Maclean, that didn't work.  now onenote notes is loaded at startup, which I don't care about, I need the dmyo to load at startup, but won't.

Here's the screenshot.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
we don't use mcaffee, we are using webroot. and I don't think that's blocking it, because I would get a notice as the admin, and I have 50 other workstations, and they would have the same problem.
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
something is obviously blocking links -- I checked it again.  I picked that link because it has good explanations and pretty pictures :)

the other link discusses changing the registry, as Maclean also mentioned
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Under the location which I provided there should be a sub location named Dymo.xxxxx (xxxx might say anything)
Does this not exist? You must have gone into the OneNote.WordAddinTakeNotesService key instead.

Perhaps check under HKEY_Local)Machine\Software\Microsoft\Office\Word as well, and search for a folder with the Dymo name in it.
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
There is no folder with dymo, that's probably the problem, so how do I add that entry into the registry?
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Would you mind pointing me to the Dymo SW installer please? I will deploy it to my test VM and see if I can locate the Add-in.
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Found it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\User Settings\DYMO.LabelwriterAddIns\Create\Software\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\DYMO.LabelWriterAddIn

You could copy and paste the below text into a notepad file, and save it as "Dymo Word Addin Enable.reg"

Then double click to merge with your registry if you are comfortable doing so, or manually browse to the above string and set LoadBehavior to 3

Text to copy below

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\User Settings\DYMO.LabelWriterAddIns\Create\Software\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\DYMO.LabelWriterAddIn]
"Description"="DYMO LabelWriter Add-In for Microsoft Word"
"FriendlyName"="DYMO LabelWriter Add-In"
"Manifest"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DYMO\\DYMO Label Software\\Word07DymoAddIn.vsto|vstolocal"
"Publisher"="Sanford, L.P."

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MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Thanks btw Crystal for the SW url
DanNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Maclean, you pointed me in the right direction.  I tried to copy and paste the registry info you sent, but it didn't work, it gave me an error message.

So I looked around and I found the dymo entry, but it was set to 0, I changed it to 3, and everytime now it works fine, it starts automatically.
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
thanks and you're welcome ~ glad you got it to work

~ happy thanks-giving ~ and spirit to all
I'm trying to do the Dymo Addin to Excel 2016 for the first time.  I've followed the above info and added it to the registry (I did the notepad text and changed it to Excel instead of Word).  I've set the Load Behavior to 3; however, when I go to Excel to actually do the Addin, nothing is showing up for Dymo and I don't know how to get it working.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Hi Nicole, you would probably be best to open up a new thread and link it back to this article by clicking on "Ask a related question"
This thread is already closed really.
What I would suggest is to use the author his closing comment as a guideline.
My information worked for myself as I probably had a different version of the Dymo Add-in.
The author had to go into the registry to look on the locations I provided, for an alternate Dymo plugin, and set the corrensponding "LoadBehaviour" key to that Add-in to 3.
It will likely be similar for yourself.
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