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For any of those involved in IT project management, what is the name of the master document that will list key dates i.e. when the project will ideally be implemented? We work in a risk department and part of the role is to make recommendations and weaknesses in procedures in the IT environment, often these are mitigated by projects, so to be kept on the loop on progress of these projects or target deadlines whereby the team can check for implementation/compliance, it would be useful to get this document, I was hoping to look for some examples online but I am unsure of the key terminology to use.
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Do you mean a Gantt chart?
PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
>>"what is the name of the master document that will list key dates"

"the contract" (perhaps "the agreement") for "contractual milestones"


the "Project Schedule"

But it does depend on the nature of the project. If it is an "agile" project then there may be no "master document" containing specified dates. If you have a third party installing hardware then the dates may be in "a schedule" (meaning "list") of "the contract".

In some contracts details such as specific dates are in the "statement of work" (SOW)
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:
Usually this is called "Project Charter". This document serves as reference point and contract between the project sponsor and the project manager. It should list the major dates, the deliverables, responsibilities and other project stakeholders. It does NOT list individual requirement, functional or technical solutions or test procedures and use cases - this is done in additional (standardized) documents and artefacts.
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Bryant SchaperCommented:
Project Documents:
 These documents are used to manage the information which is not part of Project Management Plan. These documents are prepared by the Project Manager for his own needs. Out of these documents only charter, contracts and statement of work are shown to the Project sponsor and is of interest to them.

Project Management Plan:
 This document consists of all the plans, milestones, dates, cost etc. and will be approved by senior management or project sponsor. The following table provides the glimpse of difference between Project Management Plan and Project Documents.
pma111Author Commented:
eek 4 different answers! Sounds like its company specific on naming conventions from this feedback..
Or methology dependent.  You find several naming conventions in different project management methologies. And as every of these has booked the wisdom for its own, you always run into the problem to talk about something an 5 people have 10 different opinions about what you are talking.
This is sometimes the reason, why companies define their own names as well, just not to use commonly misunderstood definitions.
And to make the misunderstanding complete, some experienced project managers as well as project management companies are talking about definitions, which can not be found in any of the common project management methods.

For projects, there is a project owner and a stakeholder, and they have to agree to the targets of the project, which are usually covering the result, the time line, the costs and some additional benefits.
This document is the base for any approval for project closing procedure.
So any answer here is right, you can also call it in the classic terminology as "target definition".
More important is that everybody knows, what it is and what is inside.

If the reason of your question is to find some template for such a document, try all of these names here. But have in mind that every project is different and need different definitions. Even all project management methods or frameworks give only examples what may be needed.

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madunix (Fadi SODAH)Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
The schedule can be graphically represented using various techniques such as Gantt charts, the Critical Path Method (CPM) or Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) diagrams.

Gantt charts can be constructed to hep in scheduling the tasks needed to complete a project. The charts show when an activity should begin and when it should end along a timeline. Gantt charts can also reflect the resources assigned to each task
and by what percent allocation.
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