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This is a really open question but I am not sure how or where to start.  I have a main SharePoint Online site,, which has a menu system  and is fully operating.  I created another site, which displays the a screen (see attachment) that looks different from the original site.  My question is how do I go about getting this site to have the same look and feel as the main site ( so that I can use it as a test site.  Being able to add additional pages, web parts, etc. and play with things before I put them in the live site?

I really appreciate all of the help and assistance.

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IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperCommented:
When you created the sub-site, did you inherit from the parent site?
Pankaj ParmarCommented:
Hello John,

Is site using SharePoint Theme or it is customized by the developer?

If it is using SharePoint Theme then you can apply same theme by following steps mentioned in below article.
Before Appling new theme on test site please check site is which theme.

If it is customized then you would need assistance from the SharePoint Developer.
j_heckAuthor Commented:
Thelnnovator, I do not think the site was inherited it from the parent site.  The developer did it and now I am trying to work with it and it is different.  I probably need to get rid of the site and then figure out how to create another site below the parent site and how to inherit it.

Just an fyi, I cannot go back to the developer.
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j_heckAuthor Commented:
Hello Pankaj,

The site is customized by a SharePoint Developer that is no longer available.
Pankaj ParmarCommented:
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
A few point points here. The screenshot (2nd site) is not a sub site of the main site. It is it's own site collection, meaning it can have it's own theme, look and feel and everything else that come with a site collection. It was created with the publishing template, which the top level site does not use, I believe the default top level site is a team site. Therefore the different look and feel.

You could delete the site and recreate with the team site template if you have nothing to lose on the 2nd site.

Hope that helps...

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Veronique PalmerFounder and CEOCommented:
Your corp.sharepoint,com site is based on a team site template.  The screenshot you have is based on a publishing portal template.  Delete it.  Create a new site collection and base it on the team site template, then apply the theme you have on your current intranet.  It will solve the problem.

Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
@Veronique - thanks for reaffirming my comments by repeating them. :-)

Not sure if you noticed the age of these questions, but old by EE standards.

Have fun!
Veronique PalmerFounder and CEOCommented:
I didn't even see the date.  Brand new to EE, been here an hour.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Welcome to EE!

Unfortunately these questions are considered abandoned. Nothing against adding to them because the information may be helpful to someone.
Veronique PalmerFounder and CEOCommented:
Thanks for the heads up.  And being my first follower. :-)
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Information provided is accurate and correct.
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