What are the best practices for adding a battery to a RAID card without losing configs or data?

I have 2 host servers running SVSAN & VMware 5.1, both have the same hardware and 2 controller cards. One (LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i) mirrors a couple drives that run the OS and the other (LSI MegaRAID 9280-24i4e) is doing a RAID 5 for everything else keeping our data.

A few weeks ago the LSI 9280-24i4e had to be replaced as it was found to be defective. In order to troubleshoot it I updated the firmware. Moving all VM’s to the other host, then shutting down the host server, pulling the drives out and updating both controllers. All went well except that didn’t help the 9280 so I replaced it with the same model and current firmware. I installed the card, reseated the drives and booted, everything showed up and has been working fine. I discovered that the host servers 9280 cards did not have a battery backup so I ordered a couple (LSIiBBU08).

I have not worked with RAID cards very much and I know that one wrong move can cost you, so I am very paranoid about losing the configuration or any data. Can someone help me with steps in the correct order that I might take to install this battery and not lose anything?


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The battery has nothing to do with the configuration data, it is only for caching to work properly. so that when there is a power failure the cache RAM has time to write itself back to the disks before the server is down. Just add it and you should be fine.
24reasonsAuthor Commented:
I have heard that even though the server is off that if you remove the card and cables (which I have to do) it's possible to lose your configurations.
Even that is no problem, as the configuration is stored on the disks. If necessary you can always import it from there.
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24reasonsAuthor Commented:
So I wouldn't need to pull out any drives, just install the battery and fire it up then?

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Thank you!
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I haven't tried it yet so I can't give it an A yet.
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