FreeTDS/unixODBC + Microsoft SQL Server 7: Communication link failure (on write)

I've developed a C++ application for Solaris that reads and writes from a remote Microsoft SQL Server 7.
It utilizes FreeTDS and unixODBC to communicate with the SQL Server.

On my customer's development system and network, the application worked without issue.
However, after moving their SQL Server machine onto their production network and installing my application on their production system, they are now encountering problems.

After some investigation, I've found that my application is able to perform reads but encounters a "communication link failure" error upon write.
The customer has connected to the SQL Server using a laptop with an ODBC client and is able to read and write without a problem.

The customer claims that both networks use an identical switch with identical configuration, no firewall is involved.
This leads me to believe there is differing network configuration between the development and production Solaris machines, or there is in fact some intricate difference between the network set ups.

I'm quite stumped at this point. Any insight would be appreciated.
Bear in mind that since this is a production system, I do not have free reign.
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You need to enable both named pipes and tcpip in sql server for freetds to connect.
bejhanAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will have the customer check this.

If this is not properly set up, FreeTDS could be partially functional? I'm just stumped as to why reads work but writes don't.

As well, why would this work on one network but not the other? The customer indicated the same machine is being used.
What read fails? On the socket or you can update table record but cannot select anything?
My bet was on the first one.
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bejhanAuthor Commented:
Reads work, I can execute SELECT queries.
It is writes that fail, I cannot execute UPDATE queries (I get the "communication link failed" error).
SQL servver 7 is EOL for long
See this for only KB article with your error message:
Pointing to network drivers in 2003SP2
With both products EOL prepare for a failure to connect to that server ever.
bejhanAuthor Commented:
The error mysteriously disappeared. I have a feeling the customer did something that they are not reporting.

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Probably they did network dump based on that your application worked in one case and did not work in other. Glad it is solved.
bejhanAuthor Commented:
No solution but experts suggestions were useful.
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