Powershell output issue

Hi i have the following script which works for the computer. csv out put but the ping failed and wmi elements dont seem to work

$Info1=foreach ($b in $q) {
IF (test-connection -ComputerName $b -count 1 -errorAction SilentlyContinue ) {
try {
get-wmiobject -ComputerName $b win32_OperatingSystem -errorAction Stop |  select CSName,Caption,OtherTypeDescription,Version
catch {Write-Output "$b" | Export-Csv $Locationoutput\computer_WMI_Failed.csv}
ELSE {Write-Output "$b" | Export-Csv $Locationoutput\computer_Ping_Failed.csv}

$Info1 |  Export-Csv $Locationoutput\computer.csv

I get this output from the ping_failed.csv (see below), but nothing from the wmi_failed.csv. Any ideas please.

#TYPE System.String
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When using Test-Connection as a conditional, I'd say it's best to use the -quiet parameter, so that it returns true or false.

The output you're seeing is what happens you pipe a string to Export-CSV (because the only property of a string is length).  Another problem is that you're not appending to a file, so each time you had a problem with the WMI query or ping, the file would be overwritten.  I'd suggest the following changes.
catch {Write-Output "$b" | Add-Content $Locationoutput\computer_WMI_Failed.txt}
ELSE {Write-Output "$b" | Add-Content $Locationoutput\computer_Ping_Failed.txt}

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cwstad2Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply. Unfortrunatley i would like the output to be delimited as i had the .txt which didnt work for what i intended

Any ideas?
Not sure how you plan to have a single column delimited.

In any case, what version of PS are you using?
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cwstad2Author Commented:
Hi im using version 4. Is there another recommended way?

thanks for your help
You can create an object with the desired property, and then pipe it to Export-CSV, making sure to use the -append parameter so the file isn't overwritten with only the last result.
catch {New-Object PsObject -property @{ computer = $b } | Export-Csv $Locationoutput\computer_WMI_Failed.csv -append}
ELSE {New-Object PsObject -property @{ computer = $b } | Export-Csv $Locationoutput\computer_Ping_Failed.csv -append}

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cwstad2Author Commented:
Thank you works a treat
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