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I have a Seagate barracuda 1Tb SATA disk which has failed after a power surge. If I connect to a computer, the disk will spin up, but it will stop the computer from booting. I think that it is the logic board on the HDD that is fried. I have bought an exact same disk so that I can swap the logic board over. The only difference is the firmware.

If I swap the logic boards over neither disk will work (the disks just click) if I swap them back the replacement drive works just fine.

Do I need to make the firmware the same on the replacement drive as the failed drive or am I barking up the wrong tree and the disk needs to go to a lab for data retrieval?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I would put the disk back together the way it was, put it in a carrier, and see if you can recover any data from it (Recuva or GetBackData) and then replace it.

If you cannot access any data, then, yes, it is probably time to use a recovery service (assuming you need the data).

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If it is the same model the logic board should work on the other HDD. I will suggest try and upgrade Firmware. Is BIOS detecting the HDD?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
No two hard disks assemblies behave the same, one may a slightly stronger seek magnet for example. The manufacturer tests various parameters and writes them to a ROM on the hard disk; that  ROM has to be transferred from the failed PCB to the recovery PCB. See the video at for example.
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You can't replace the mainboard of disks, even if they are the same version and revision. They just won't work.

You could try connecting the disk to the PC as a 2nd disk after the PC has booted up. SATA is by definition hot-pluggable, so you should just be able to connect data cable to the disk when your PC is running, and if the BIOS works properly, it should become available in diskmanagement after a while. Or you could use a USB dock for the disk.

But why do you need to read the data from the disk? What have you made backups for otherwise? Or if you didn't backup, then the data can only be very unimportant....
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Have a read here

Short version:  Logic boards and firmware need to be the same.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Gosh, that must have been a while ago, there isn't a transferable ROM with the "firmware" on with that drive. it's from pre-PMR days. is probably more relevant for this 1TB drive.
>>   but it will stop the computer from booting  <<  that means something on the disk interface does this; test if it behaves the same when the disk is connected as 2nd drive -
test also on another PC to be sure
if you can boot then - i suggest to use the HDDRegenerator :      

it repaired many drives for me

but if it also stops the system from booting - there's nothing more you can do
hulseboschSystem administratorCommented:
If you really want to save this HDD, you can go to 
Presuming the print is fried indeed.
They will transfer the print for you.
I have good experiences with them.
The question is: is your HDD board fried or  do you have another problem with the HDD, as booting for example?
Is that bad HDD recognized by the PC, eventually another PC, in BIOS?
The MBR may be repaired if that is needed.

Besides HDD Regenerator, which I also used with success in the past, you may try also SpinRite ( ), which works good.
If the HDD is recognized, at least in BIOS, then we can speak about different recovery tools/software.

I would recommend first the SeaGate Tools:

But are also a lot of other programs that may be used:

If the board is fried, then here is a guide how to match a compatible one:

Could you make some high-quality photos of the board on the boths sides and upload it here, so we can clear see the components and PCB?
Mark_CollingeAuthor Commented:
Yep. Had to send to a lab. £600, but they got all the data back. Think it's taught my client a valuable lesson.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help,
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